Pineapple dried (rings)

Natural pineapple without sugar. Traditional and organic. Origin: Uganda, Togo.

Cashew nut

Traditional and certified organic cashew, harvest of 2019, Africa

Faction: WW180, WW240, WW320, WW450, etc.

Golden Delicious Aronia

The fruits are large, yellow, of round-tapered regular shape, of medium weight (160-250 g) with odor of pear. The skin is dry, dense, with light roughness, of golden light green color, later of yellow color. The pulp is greenish, dense and very fleshy. The taste is dessert, sweet.

Gala Schniga

They are of average size and weight from 120 to 150 grams. The main color of fruits is yellow or greenish-yellow, the cover color is expressed in the form of a striped-blurred blush of orange-red hue almost on the entire surface of the fruit. The skin is dry, thin, but dense. The pulp has a light yellow color and dense, granular structure, its taste is fleshy, sour-sweet, crisp, brittle, with a pleasant, fresh nut-caramel odor.




The fruits are large, with a brownish-dark red blurred blush across the whole surface. The pulp is greenish-white, solid, fine-grained, fleshy, of good sour-sweet taste.




Shape and color – fruits are round, of red-raspberry color with yellow dots and green blurred stripes, the skin is without shine, and is dry and smooth; the sizes are quite large, on average this type of apples reach the weight of 200 g; taste – Fudge’s pulp is creamy, crispy, has a delicate sweet-sour taste and a unique odor.




The fruits are large, one-dimensional, round-tapered, with a ribbed top, greenish-yellow and with intense red-carmine blurred blush almost throughout the whole surface. The skin is medium-thick, dense, smooth, and shiny. Pulp is creamy, dense, fine-grained, fleshy, odorant, of excellent sour-sweet taste.

Renet Simirenko

The fruits are light green or bright green. The shape of the fruits is flattened round, from several tapered to flat-rounded, like in many types of Reinette; the fruits are often asymmetrical. The size of the fruits is medium or larger than medium, they reach a large size. The pulp is white, fleshy, tender. Fruits have a wine-sweet, spicy taste




The fruits are large, of medium weight (160-200 g) with a primary yellow-red blush. The pulp is light yellow, of medium density, very fleshy, odorant, of excellent sour-sweet taste.

Gala Must

The fruit is of round-tapered shape. The most large-fruited type among the clones of the Gala cultivar, the average weight of the fruits is 160-170 g, the cover color is bright, blurred red-carmine flush on almost the whole fruit




They have round-tapered shape, one-dimensional, of medium or large size (160-200 g), greenish-yellow, with orange-red striped-blurred blush on most of the surface. The skin is thin, very dense, elastic and dry. Fruit is covered with a light porous wax bloom. Pulp is light cream, of medium density, very fleshy, odorant of excellent sour-sweet taste.

Jonagold apple

The fruit is round-tapered. Color: greenish-yellow, with orange-red blurred-striped fairly bright flush on 2/3 of the surface. The skin is medium thick, dense, elastic, smooth, and shiny. The pulp is yellow, dense, fleshy, of excellent, very harmonious sour-sweet taste.

YARO Carob - Glazed Nuts “Hazelnut in Carob” 75 g. carob coated, gluten-free, no added sugar

Hazelnuts, Carob, Cocoa butter, Soy lecithin, Gum Arabic, Coconut sugar, Drinking water

TM PEPO Semi-dry berry

Candied berries (Semi-dry) in a convenient package with a zip lock. Great for a snack during the day.

We use the Ukrainian raw materials that gives the chance to control as much as possible quality of entering raw materials and as a result to receive a product which will not concede to the European analogs.

Gala Royal

The variety was obtained in 1957 in New Zealand by breeder J. X. Kidd as a result of the crossing of Kidd Orange Orange and Golden Deliches.

Fruits rather one-dimensional, rounded or rounded-conical with a slight ribbing at the top The skin are thin, dense, dry.

The crumb is light yellow, dense and juicy with an excellent sour-sweet taste.

Golden Delicious

Fruits medium in size and larger than average size (120-190 g), medium in uniformity, elongated-rounded-conical, greenish-yellow sometimes with a slight orange blush and rusty mesh.

Medium thickness peel, dense, supple, smooth, dry. Flesh is yellowish-creamy, sour-sweet taste (4,5-4,6 points).

The collection season begins in late September, and the consumer season begins in January. In the store the fruits are stored until March, in the refrigerator - until May.

Transportability is high. Used mainly in fresh form and for the manufacture of dry powders.

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Red John Prince

Red John Prince is a new late-autumn variety of apple trees in Belgium. The variety is a clone of the widely known and popular overseas varieties Jonagold.

Harvesting is already beginning in late September.

The fruits are large, with an average mass of 200 g or more, one-dimensional, aligned, symmetrical, standard. The shape of the fruits is round-elongated, a flush of intense red to almost red-black, bright color that covers almost the entire surface of the apple.

The fruits are very attractive and in demand in the market for quality fruits in Europe and Asia.

Red Chieff

New late winter variety. It belongs to the Deliches family.

Less demanding on soil and climatic conditions, a clone popular in the recent past American variety Red Deliches.

It is characterized by great fruits, transportability, excellent marketability and taste, elegant appearance. The variety is productive, medium resistant to scab, resistant to powdery mildew and bacterial burns. The variety is precocious.

Fruits weighing 380 g, oblong-conical, bright red. The flesh is thick, creamy, sweet with a good aroma.

Tasting score – 4,8 points. Increased consumer demand.

The ripening ripeness comes at the end of September, the consumer ripeness - in December. The fruits are transportable, well stored in June.


Apple chips from red apple with cinnamon

Ingredients: 99% Apple, 1% Cinnamon

DRIED PEAR (sliced)

Ingredients: dried pear (100%)

DRIED strawberry (sliced)

Ingredients: dried strawberries (100%)