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Confectionery Factory "Zhytomyr lasoshchi" is a producer of natural confectionery products. The factory has been operating since 1944 and is one of the oldest enterprises in the confectionery field of Ukraine. Zhytomyr Lasoshchi is a dynamically developing company, following modern trends while preserving traditional recipes and invariably high quality of products. In the range of products of the factory everyone will be able to find sweets according to their preference – both older people and their grandchildren. Available price, high quality, taste familiar from childhood are the basic principles of forming of the range of Zhytomyr Lasoshchi, Confectionery Factory. The production lines of the factory are updated, and there are unrivaled delicious novelties in the range every time. The best masters-confectioners put mind into new tastes. We have a wide range and reasonable prices. It is worth looking into the catalog of products: it is difficult to resist from such delicacies.

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Direct importer/exporter of organic and traditional production: spices, superfood, nuts, dried fruits, tea and coffee from country of consignment to European markets.

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Zhiva Chay, Tea Company is a supplier and manufacturer of herbal tea on the Ukrainian market.

We offer high quality products.

The current price list contains more than 100 items

Tea in a package or by weight, which is packed in convenient economic packaging 0.5 kg each, which is convenient for cafes and tea shops.

One of the company’s directions is creation of a product under the customer’s private label brand (PLB).

Many customers not only want to buy tea in gross, but also get ready-made, packaged product under their label brand in individual packaging.

We choose it from those available in our range, and if the customer desires, we develop custom-made recipes, creating original blends.

Our advantages:

1 Beautiful and delicious blends

2. Only natural ingredients (without flavoring agents, without flavor boosters and other synthetic additives)

3. We choose plants that are grown at environmentally friendly places and hand picked

4. We work ethically, are interested in long-term relationships, so we always support information

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Manufacture of confectionery, namely, candies based on natural Belgian chocolate and chocolate glaze, with addition of natural nuts and fruits. The company has facilities for manufacture of flour and oatmeal cookies as well.

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The main activity is production of high quality canned meat. The purpose of our brand is the manufacture of food exclusively for the extra class. The technology and the recipe for our canned food can store products for 4 years without the use of any preservatives. The unique combination of fresh, selected meat and natural spices allows us to obtain the exceptional tastes of our stew.

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We represent a powerful Ukrainian company with eight years of experience in cultivation of apples in the ecologically clean area of Prykarpattia.

Our experience allows us carrying out all important stages in the production and sales of fruits – from tree to end consumer: from cultivation and harvesting of fruits, including sortation, storage, packaging and transportation. Through the implementation of all stages of the supply chain, we are able to process customer requests promptly. We also use modern, integrated harvesting techniques. Contact us, and we will be glad to help you.

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“Millennium” Chocolate Factory is engaged in the production and sale of chocolate and confectionery. The factory was founded in 1999. Today one of the largest producers of chocolate and chocolates in Ukraine. It produces candies and chocolate under the trademarks "Millennium", "With love", "Lubimov", "Oskar le Grand", "Lubimov Kids".

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Production of unrefined vegetable oils EXTRA VIRGIN (corn, sunflower, garlic, pumpkin, linen, walnut, mustard, amaranth, hemp, milk thistle, sea buckthorn, sesame, grape, rose hips, soybeans, cherry tomatoes, sugar-free dietary foods (snacks, granules, cereal bars, crisps and flakes with spirulina, kelp and sea salt, sun dried fruits, vegetables and berries, cereal mixes for salads, instant cereals). The products are manufactured using modern vitamin-preserving technologies.

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Crazy Bee LLC is the newest Ukrainian producer and exporter of honey and bee products to European countries.

The company provides a complete cycle of purchasing, analysis, processing and export of products.

The company has implemented a food safety management system in accordance with DSTU 4497: 2005, ISF and HACCP. The Society is under the supervision of the State Veterinary and Sanitary Services.

The production capacity of the company "Crazy Bee" with an area of ​​1200 sq. m. is located in the ecological district of Lviv region. 

The company has the latest equipment for homogenization of products and packaging of finished products.

Our task is to supply the best Ukrainian varieties of high quality honey to the world and Ukrainian markets.

Our range contains the most popular and heathy honey - acacia, buckwheat and herbs.

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46 Parallel Wine Group launches its own page in the global wine guide with an ambitious purpose - to highlight clearly coordinates of Ukraine on the wine map of the world. The unique climate and terroir features of the 46th parallel of Ukraine make it possible to create the highest quality wines. It is no coincidence that the best wineries in Burgundy and Bordeaux are located on the same 46th parallel. Inspired leader and founder of 46 Parallel Wine Group, Anna Gorkun, brought together the best Ukrainian experts not only in the wine industry.

More than 15 companies are involved in the production of each bottle of wine. The success of the 46 Parallel Wine Group is the success of each of these companies, as well as the success of all of Ukraine and the pride of the Ukrainian nation.

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Arkmen is a dynamically developing company that specializes in the production of nuts. In our assortment: walnuts in chocolate, clusters with peanuts, fruits, coconut, chocolate bars with nuts, salt and pepper walnuts, raw walnuts. All products are packed in a modern, attractive package.

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Production and sale of breakfast cereals (corn flakes, oatmeal, granola, cereal bars).

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The largest alcohol holding company in Eastern Europe, established in 1991.

Bayadera Group has 3 own production sites (National Vodka Company, Mykolaiv Cognac Factory, Koblevo Winery) and its own distribution network. It has a strong portfolio of its own alcohol brands in various categories, and is the exclusive importer of the world's most famous alcohol companies.

One of the major exporters of alcoholic beverages in the world, the export card has more than 45 countries. The company employs more than 6,000 people worldwide.

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“Volynski Browar” is a new trademark on the Ukrainian craft beer market. The brewery is located in the town of Berezne, Rivne region. Using our own professional equipment, we have been brewing beer since December 2014. Our goal is to restore the nobility of beer, its unique taste and the respect it deserves. The heart of "Volynski Browar" is a complex of brewing equipment of the Slovak plant "Blonder Beer" and fermentation tanks CCT, where beer ferments and matures for twenty to thirty days. It is worth noting that the brewery has its own equipment for pouring beer into glass bottles and keg barrels. Striving for perfection in the creation of our beer, we use the best raw materials. In the range we have 20 types of beer of different varieties and styles.

The “Volynski Browar” brand has already successfully established itself on the Ukrainian market.

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Khlibprom Concern PJSC is one of the largest enterprises of the Ukrainian bread market. The company specializes in the production of bakery semi-finished products and products with a high degree of readiness using the technology of shock freezing. The shelf life of such frozen goods is 6 months at -18 C.

The company's product range includes baguettes, ciabattas, breads, rolls, sweet and savory puffs, hot dogs, as well as 2go croissants.

The Company's quality control principles are based on the HACCP (ISO 22 000) and ISO 9001 quality systems.

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YARO is a family business from Ukraine established in 2014. We specialize in high-quality vegan sweets. Our products are made with wholesome ingredients, plant-based, gluten-free, and are free from refined sugars. We've already revolutionized the Ukrainian healthy food market and are ready to impress the rest of the world. To show that healthy sweets can be tasty and hard to define from traditional unhealthy sweets.

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Brandbar LLC is one of the leading Ukrainian companies engaged in distribution and production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages mainly in the cocktail segment. The history of our company is more than 20 years, which allowed expanding significantly the range of products of our own brand, based on natural ingredients.

The company has its own manufacturing component, placing orders in specialized certified factories. All Brandbar TM products are made only from raw materials supplied exclusively by us in accordance with our own registered recipes. Today, Brandbar produces absinthe, sambuca, gin, more than 20 types of liqueurs, and more than 40 types of non-alcoholic syrups.

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BON BOISSON BEVERAGE today unites 2 large plants and 42 representative offices across all Ukraine. The company's products are present in more than 50,000 retail stores and in all national supermarket chains. The company ranks 4th in terms of production in Ukraine and is among the TOP 5 largest national producers of soft drinks, and BLACK became the first power engineer in Ukraine in terms of sales. Strongdrink LLC is a business partner. The company is actively developing and producing alcoholic products under well-known and popular consumer brands - cognac TM "Ai-Petri", vodka TM "Khlibna Slyoza" and others.

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“Confectionery “Yarych” LLC is a combination of modern technology, quality products and work of specialists, who by their work make the world of confectionery products even more delicious and brighter.

The activity of the factory is focused on the production of long cookies, crackers and biscuit cakes.

The company's products are available in one of the largest European food retail chains. "Yarych" develops its distribution network in Central, Eastern Europe and America. In order to guarantee the safety and quality of products, the company has implemented a European quality system based on the standards of IFS Food.

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Organic Milk is the first plant in Ukraine for the production of certified organic dairy products from its own raw materials. Materials meet all international requirements, combining the traditions of generations in the field of production, the latest technologies and European experience.

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Obolon is a vertically integrated corporation for the production of beer, soft and low-alcohol beverages, and mineral water. The company includes the largest brewery in Europe, located in Kyiv and 9 companies in the regions of Ukraine. For 40 years, Obolon has been implementing innovative production technologies in this field, using the unique brewing system, the largest fermentation tanks, powerful bottling lines of the leading European companies Ziemann, KHS, Krones and others. Obolon Corporation is the largest exporter of beer from Ukraine. In 2019 the company’ products gain 6 new markets in Latin America and Africa. Export geography includes 60 countries. The record sales volume was 111.1 million decalitres in 2008. The corporation has 7,500 employees to date.