Farming enterprise GADZ


Gadz farming enterprise was established on October 20, 2011 and specializes in fruit growing.

  Between 2012 and 2016, more than 600 hectares of garden were planted with seedlings grown in Europe. In the future, it is planned to increase the area of ​​the garden to 2,5 thousand hectares, in addition a nursery of fruit trees with an area of ​​50 hectares has been laid. It is planned to produce 1 million seedlings each year.

  Elements of technology are the use of dwarf rootstocks, new productive varieties, drip irrigation and keeping the garden on the trellis. The main apple varieties are: Gala, Red Cheat, Golden Delicious, Red John Prince, Aidared, Fuji, Champion, as well as other intense varieties; pear - Conference, plum - Stanley.

  In 2013, the farm put into operation a storage facility, and in 2015 a modern refrigeration and sorting complex with a total area of ​​5250 m2 was built, which houses a sorting line of the Sorter company, which allows sorting an apple by caliber, color and weight.

   And in December 2016, a refrigerated complex with regulated gas environment (RGS) with a capacity of 6.5 thousand tons of storage was opened.

  The construction of the next stages of a 40,000-tonne regulated gas storage facility with a more powerful sorting line and infrastructure for fruit and berry processing is planned today.

   During the 2018-2019 seasons, our farm became the leader among Ukrainian companies in exporting apples to the countries of Europe, the Middle East and Asia. We will not stop there and continue the trend of company development in the right direction.



Gala Royal

The variety was obtained in 1957 in New Zealand by breeder J. X. Kidd as a result of the crossing of Kidd Orange Orange and Golden Deliches.

Fruits rather one-dimensional, rounded or rounded-conical with a slight ribbing at the top The skin are thin, dense, dry.

The crumb is light yellow, dense and juicy with an excellent sour-sweet taste.

Golden Delicious

Fruits medium in size and larger than average size (120-190 g), medium in uniformity, elongated-rounded-conical, greenish-yellow sometimes with a slight orange blush and rusty mesh.

Medium thickness peel, dense, supple, smooth, dry. Flesh is yellowish-creamy, sour-sweet taste (4,5-4,6 points).

The collection season begins in late September, and the consumer season begins in January. In the store the fruits are stored until March, in the refrigerator - until May.

Transportability is high. Used mainly in fresh form and for the manufacture of dry powders.

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Red John Prince

Red John Prince is a new late-autumn variety of apple trees in Belgium. The variety is a clone of the widely known and popular overseas varieties Jonagold.

Harvesting is already beginning in late September.

The fruits are large, with an average mass of 200 g or more, one-dimensional, aligned, symmetrical, standard. The shape of the fruits is round-elongated, a flush of intense red to almost red-black, bright color that covers almost the entire surface of the apple.

The fruits are very attractive and in demand in the market for quality fruits in Europe and Asia.

Red Chieff

New late winter variety. It belongs to the Deliches family.

Less demanding on soil and climatic conditions, a clone popular in the recent past American variety Red Deliches.

It is characterized by great fruits, transportability, excellent marketability and taste, elegant appearance. The variety is productive, medium resistant to scab, resistant to powdery mildew and bacterial burns. The variety is precocious.

Fruits weighing 380 g, oblong-conical, bright red. The flesh is thick, creamy, sweet with a good aroma.

Tasting score – 4,8 points. Increased consumer demand.

The ripening ripeness comes at the end of September, the consumer ripeness - in December. The fruits are transportable, well stored in June.