Chocolate Gourmet Sauce

Our stunning portfolio of classic and modern tastes of Gourmet Sauces is specially designed to play a supporting role in ensuring high-quality and consistent performance of desserts, beverages, ice cream and serving dishes. Sweet-Madam's sauces are produced with natural ingredients for giving to the product intensity of taste and aroma

Chocolate «Millennium» aerated white 80 g

White aerated chocolate creamy taste with subtle and delicate porous structure.

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Fruit Roll

Brancho fruit rolls are convenient and healthy apple-based snacks with a wide range of fruits and berries flavors. To make a delicious fruit roll, we carefully grind apple together with the fruit or berry and dry the mixture up to 45°C. We do not boil the fruit mix. As a result, this does increase the drying of the mix, but in this way, we retain most of the vitamins and nutrients.

Sweets “Sweet Queen” with tiramisu aroma filling

Sweets made of milk chocolate with cream filling. It can also be made with fillings of the following flavors: chocolate and truffles

Chocolate sweets “Ocean story” with nut praline 340 g

Marble chocolate candy with delicate walnut praline in the shape of sea figurines.

Marble chocolate is a combination of milk and white chocolate in a unique pattern. Each candy has its own unique pattern.

Semi-sweet bisquits with sunflower oil Classic Maria “Yarych”

The Classic Maria bisquits recipe was upgraded by replacing palm oil with high-oleic sunflower, which has several advantages, including:

- reduces the level of harmful cholesterol;

- enhances the body's immune defenses;

- has a rejuvenating effect because it contains a lot of vitamin E;

- prevents the development of atherosclerosis, thrombophlebitis, chronic diseases of organs such as liver, lungs, stomach;

- participates in the exchange of proteins and carbohydrates;

- Improves memory and much more.

Dark chocolate “Millennium” with Tiramisu filling 38 g

Black chocolate and Tiramisu delicate filling in a convenient bar form

Chocolate milk «Millennium Mousse» with mousse and strawberry filling 33 g

Milk chocolate, creamy mousse and strawberry jam in a convenient bar form.

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Brittle candy

Made with plant components: nuts and honey;

Without yeast and leavening agents; GLUTEN FREE; SUGAR FREE.

For those who love sweets and care about their well-being.

The multi-colored confectionery dragee is covered with sugar glaze. Dragees are packed in a unique cardboard package in the form of a tube. Ideal for preschool and school children.

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Bon Apricot sweets

Sweets with dried apricots and peanuts in chocolate glaze. Ingredients: peanuts, sugar, glucose syrup, confectionery glaze, apple filling with raspberry flavor, dried apricots, flour crumbs, acidity regulator citric acid, flavoring "Peach". MAY CONTAIN: EGG PRODUCTS.

2go Croissant with strawberry filling

TM "2go" croissants are delicious and filling snack.

Made on German equipment using high quality raw materials.

Unique filling dosage - even distribution throughout the length of the croissant, which allows you to enjoy the taste from start to finish.

Sealed packaging keeps the croissants fresh for 5 months.

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Macho Alpi

Formed candy, Brandy flavored chocolate cream

Milk Wow Glazed Candy

The nougat is covered with milk glaze

“Pirates” dragees

The multi-colored confectionery dragee is covered with sugar glaze. Dragees are packed in a unique cardboard package combined with a color pencil and a sketch. Ideal for the development of preschool children. The products are made of high quality ingredients on certified imported equipment.

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Cherry flavored Jelly Valley sweets

Cherry flavored jelly candies in chocolate glaze. Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, water, confectionary glaze, corn starch, humectant sodium lactate, gelling agent carrageenan, acidity regulator citric acid, "Cherry" flavoring, artificial coloring compound (E102, E102). MAY CONTAIN: NUTS, GLUTEN, EGG PRODUCTS.

Hot chocolate, TM Yamuna

Dry mixture for making hot chocolate. The special technology of grated cocoa production allowed to create a truly innovative product. Thanks to which cocoa retains all the useful properties so that you can feel the fullness of the taste and aroma of real chocolate. It's like melting a piece of chocolate on the fire. In assortment hot chocolate, hot chocolate with taste of a hazelnut, hot chocolate with taste of "IRISH CREAM"

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Confectionery paste “Coconut Caramel”, TM Spell 250 g

Ingredients: water, sugar substitute Zusto Gold, coconut cream 24%, coconut oil, emulsifier. Nutritional value of 100 g of the product: protein - 8.0 g, carbohydrates - 46.9 g, fat - 42.5 g, dietary fiber - 2.6 g. Energy value (calories) 591.5 kcal (2465 kJ). Shelf life: 8 months from the date of production. Recommended to store at temperatures from 0 ° C to +23 ° C, away from heat and direct sunlight.

It is recommended to eat no more than 70 g per day.

Borodinsky bread

This bread includes all the benefits of rye flour, rye malt. Together, these components create a slightly sweet taste and a pleasant aroma.

Chocolate figures on a straw

“Lollipops” familiar from childhood and mega-popular caramel lollipops already share market share with stick figures actively gaining popularity. They have the same classic taste of chocolate, and differ in a variety of shapes, colors and themes. Their bright appearance, ease of use will make any consumer draw attention to themselves.

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Greek roasted nuts combined with dark and white chocolate