Candy in the form of a waffle tube with filling. Milk filling with cocoa powder. The candy is covered with icing. Each candy is wrapped in an individual package.

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Perfectum sweets with vanilla and cherry flavor

Combination of souffle with cherry and vanilla flavored jelly in chocolate glaze. Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, confectionary glaze, water, corn starch, humectant sodium lactate, gelling agent carrageenan, gelling agent agar, dry mixture based on animal and vegetable proteins, acidity regulator, "Cherry" and "Vanilla" flavoring, artificial coloring agent (Е102, Е110). MAY CONTAIN: GLUTEN.

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Hazelnut praline with nuts (hazelnuts) in milk chocolate

Milk chocolate MILLENNIUM

Milk chocolate, praline filling and whole hazelnuts in a convenient bar form.

Cookies with candied fruits, Smakuli TM

Handmade “With candied fruits” gluten and lactose free cookies

With natural candied fruits added, without synthetic flavors and dyes.

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Bon Apricot sweets

Sweets with dried apricots and peanuts in chocolate glaze. Ingredients: peanuts, sugar, glucose syrup, confectionery glaze, apple filling with raspberry flavor, dried apricots, flour crumbs, acidity regulator citric acid, flavoring "Peach". MAY CONTAIN: EGG PRODUCTS.

Natural apple and raspberry sweets of TM Bob Snail

Natural fruit sweets TM Bob Snail, which are made only from fruits without added sugar, dyes and preservatives. Product contains only apple and raspberry.

Soft drink on the fermented basis

"Boyarsky kvass" - live fermentation kvass on barley and rye malt. Kvass - an ancient originally Slavic drink. It was cooked both in poor peasant houses and in wealthy boyar estates. Taking the best of ancient recipes, our experts cook delicious and useful "Boyar" kvass for you every day on pure artesian water, rye and barley malt!

Puff cookies “LopoUSHKI” sugared

Puff cookies with sugar topping

Super Berry Granola

Ingredients: baked mix 88% (oat flakes, natural honey, glucose, coconut, molasses, flax seeds); filler in variable proportions of 12% (raisins, dried cranberries 4.33%, freeze-dried blueberries 1.33%, freeze-dried raspberries 1.33%).

Dark chocolate “Millennium” with Tiramisu filling 38 g

Black chocolate and Tiramisu delicate filling in a convenient bar form

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Cherry flavored Jelly Valley sweets

Cherry flavored jelly candies in chocolate glaze. Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, water, confectionary glaze, corn starch, humectant sodium lactate, gelling agent carrageenan, acidity regulator citric acid, "Cherry" flavoring, artificial coloring compound (E102, E102). MAY CONTAIN: NUTS, GLUTEN, EGG PRODUCTS.

Milk chocolate “Millennium” with hazelnut praline 38 g

Milk chocolate with nut praline in convenient bar form.

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Greek roasted nuts combined with dark and white chocolate

Chocolate «Millennium» aerated white 80 g

White aerated chocolate creamy taste with subtle and delicate porous structure.

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Coconut bar Bali, ТМ АСК

Coconut bars are covered with a milk glaze. Ingredients: confectionary glaze, coconut chips, glucose syrup, sugar, condensed milk, table margarine, artificial coloring E171, flavoring "Coconut cream". MAY CONTAIN: NUTS, GLUTEN, EGG PRODUCTS.

Krokant “Taler” classic

Round shaped  krokant  made of sunflower kernels




Ingredients: dried kiwi, non-dairy creamer, confectionery fat, light confectionery glaze (cocoa butter substitute, sugar, skim milk powder, emulsifier lecithin, flavoring), black confectionery glaze (cocoa butter substitute, cocoa liquor, sand sugar, emulsifier, chocolate flavoring), kiwi flavoring, salt, sorbic acid

Chocolate sweets “Ocean story” with nut praline 340 g

Marble chocolate candy with delicate walnut praline in the shape of sea figurines.

Marble chocolate is a combination of milk and white chocolate in a unique pattern. Each candy has its own unique pattern.

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Brittle candy “Honey Peanut”

Made with plant components: nuts and honey;

Without yeast and leavening agents; GLUTEN FREE; SUGAR FREE.

For those who love sweets and care about their well-being.