PJSC "Confectionery factory "Lagoda"

Creating sweets is a complex, creative process that supposes the highest requirements from the manufacturer. PJSC Lagoda Confectionery Factory has been producing and selling confectionery since 1998, and the Zagora brand has gained popularity among the population and has had a beneficial effect on the company's position.

  PJSC "Confectionery Factory" Lagoda" produces and sells confectionery not only under its own brands, but also is a manufacturer of products in the Private Label segment. We will make products for you under your private label, according to your wishes.

 The company has developed and certified the international system HACCP ("Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point”), implemented a food safety management system according to the international scheme - FSSC 22000. This system provides control at all stages of production, storage and sale of our products. The perfection of the recipe and equipment, multiplied by the professionalism and inspiration of the factory staff, guarantees the highest quality products.




Sponge cake

Wafer candy «SAFARI CLUB»

Glazed waffle candies


Molded cookies in caramel glaze


Molded cookies. Dry, crispy

Biscuit «TREFFI» in milk glaze

The sandwich cookies covered with milk confectionery icing

Biscuits «ELISEEVSKY MUSHROOMS» assorted

A leg of molded dry cookie, a hat made of confectionery icing

Biscuits «AMERICANO»

Butter cookies with cocoa


Crispy waffles with cocoa