Ukrainian-German company “Truff Royal”


The Ukrainian-German company "Truff Royal" began its work in 2005. The company's mission was revised in 2015 and began to sound like this: the production of new, innovative products that are not harmful to health. The secret to the delicious taste of Truff Royal's confectionery lies in the excellent quality of all the ingredients. To comply with all the norms and requirements of the technology, products are manufactured on modern equipment with strict quality control in accordance with international standards. The accumulated experience and, without downplaying, global trends have encouraged our company to develop and successfully produce innovative products that are unique in their form and method of consumption, which do not have high-quality analogues in Ukraine.



Salty Waffles “Royal Crisp” with cheese or tomato

Royal Crisp is crispy salted waffle chips with natural tomato or cheese powder. Which we by the way don’t fry but bake, what makes less fat in a product. Our waffles are great for a day snack and an alternative for existing baksts.

TM PEPO Semi-dry berry

Candied berries (Semi-dry) in a convenient package with a zip lock. Great for a snack during the day.

We use the Ukrainian raw materials that gives the chance to control as much as possible quality of entering raw materials and as a result to receive a product which will not concede to the European analogs.

Sunny waffles

Sunny waffles are crunchy sugar waffles baked according to classic German technology from high-quality products. We add high quality vanilla and fresh eggs to the product, which give the product a unique taste.

Glaze figure “Ball”

A sweet decoration for your Christmas tree. This is one of our 200 thematic figures. Every year we develop new painting options and add new thematic forms to constantly surprise our regular customers.

Mini-bites “Peanuts in glaze”

Candies Mini-bites "Peanuts in the glaze" is a handmade product that has an unusual proportion of 2 components, which gives the product a distinctive taste. We use high quality peanuts and glaze free of trans fats.

House with a chocolate figures

A small Easter or New Year's gift that has worked well in the European network. The product was created as an alternative to more expensive themed gifts.

Glazed orange and lemon 130 grams

Candied orange and lemon slices (which we produce ourselves) in glaze and in convenient packaging. During chanting, we do not use sulfur dioxide (preservative) which can accumulate in the human body. The process of candying occurs at a temperature of 55-60 C, which allows you to save most of the vitamins in the product.

Set “4 chocolate spoons”

Our chocolate spoons are an exquisite and unobtrusive dessert that you will definitely enjoy.

They are excellent for tea, coffee and cocoa, and they also diversify the taste and serving of ice cream. The set can be an original addition to your gift for any event of the year. Our packaging is designed to maintain the integrity of each spoon.

Protein bar 3+1

The product is designed for active people who are looking for an alternative to existing snacks. Bars contain 20% protein. In 3 bars of 4, we use a large number of candied fruits of our own production, which allows us to achieve a unique taste and competitive price.

Chocolate figures on a straw

“Lollipops” familiar from childhood and mega-popular caramel lollipops already share market share with stick figures actively gaining popularity. They have the same classic taste of chocolate, and differ in a variety of shapes, colors and themes. Their bright appearance, ease of use will make any consumer draw attention to themselves.