Chocolate Factory “Millennium”, LLC

“Millennium” Chocolate Factory is engaged in the production and sale of chocolate and confectionery. The factory was founded in 1999. Today one of the largest producers of chocolate and chocolates in Ukraine. It produces candies and chocolate under the trademarks "Millennium", "With love", "Lubimov", "Oskar le Grand", "Lubimov Kids".



Milk chocolate MILLENNIUM

Milk chocolate, praline filling and whole hazelnuts in a convenient bar form.

Dark chocolate

Extra black chocolate. Content of cocoa products is 80%.

Dark chocolate “Millennium” with Tiramisu filling 38 g

Black chocolate and Tiramisu delicate filling in a convenient bar form

Chocolate «Millennium» aerated white 80 g

White aerated chocolate creamy taste with subtle and delicate porous structure.

White chocolate

Whole almonds, hazelnuts, raisins and berries are covered with delicate pink chocolate. Each tile has 30% fruit and nuts.

Milk chocolate “Millennium” with hazelnut praline 38 g

Milk chocolate with nut praline in convenient bar form.

Chocolate milk «Millennium Mousse» with mousse and strawberry filling 33 g

Milk chocolate, creamy mousse and strawberry jam in a convenient bar form.

Chocolate sweets “Ocean story” with nut praline 340 g

Marble chocolate candy with delicate walnut praline in the shape of sea figurines.

Marble chocolate is a combination of milk and white chocolate in a unique pattern. Each candy has its own unique pattern.

Assorted chocolates “Millennium Riviera” 250 g

Chocolate assorted black, white and milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts, cashews, almonds and delicate walnut praline.