RADA Premium vodka is designed for those who love freedom and travel, value individuality and new experiences, who are not afraid of the modern world, but are moving towards a new and progressive one. Only selected, natural ingredients and exclusive recipes. Only modern technology and high quality of production.

RADA. Meet the world!



The refined aristocratic sparkling wine of Marengo Extra Brut Chardonnay, like a light spring breath, fills the romantic moments of life with a romantic touch. The delicate floral aroma of exotic fruits and the refreshing harmonious taste makes it easy to create a holiday at any time.

It goes well with fruits and desserts.

Flow temperature: 12-15 ° C.

Alcohol content: 10-13,5% vol.

Sugar content: 0.6% wt.

Kvass 'Kvas Taras'

Kvass Taras Khlibny is a traditional kvass made according to the classic technology of "live fermentation". It has a refreshing sweet and sour taste with a hint of fresh rye bread. Formed knowledge about bottled kvass in Ukraine.


HLIBNY DAR is № 1 vodka in Ukraine and № 5 in the world.

Honey and Ginger create a special aroma, softness and taste in HLIBNY DAR Kraft vodka Ginger honey.

Alcohol content is 40%.

Capacity is 0,5 l; 0.7 l; 1 liter


Enjoy a beer even when you can't! Meet the non-alcoholic beer from Mova. This beer has a light straw color, with light hop notes in the aroma, and a delicate malt flavor.

ABV - 0.4% IBU - 30 Plato - 6.7

Vodka special TM

"Khlibna Slyoza" in ancient times called vodka exclusively privately produced and of excellent quality. Usually such vodka was made not for sale, but for themselves and guests in the manors. The high cost of production and the amount of effort expended were not taken into account. The only criterion was the quality of the product.

We took the same principle as a basis and made every effort to produce vodka of the highest quality. Each bottle is strictly controlled. Both the appearance and the contents of a bottle of "Khlibna Slioza" vodka fully correspond to the content that our ancestors put into this phrase.


Ingredients: domestic and / or imported cognac alcohol, aged for at least 5 years, with the addition of cognac aged for at least 7 years, softened drinking water, sugar syrup, natural dye - sugar color.

The blend of cognac is completed with cognac alcohols, which have been aged in oak barrels for 7 years. Due to this, the drink acquires a dark amber color and a particularly rich and complex bouquet, which will impress with bright tones of aging with shades of velvet oak, dried fruit, walnut, vanilla and dark chocolate, and multifaceted, complex and soft taste with velvety and resinous long-lasting which give luxury and emphasize the nobility of origin.

Beer light unfiltered

Indian Pale Ale (IPA) with the addition of strawberries and lactose, brewed in a collaborative brew with the participation of famous Ukrainian brewers: Viktor Vashchuk, Pshemysl Broz and Serhiy Kovtunenko. The composition of American hops in combination with strawberry turned the bitter IPA into a fruit bomb.

Plato 15.5% Alcohol 5.5% vol. IBU 40

Light wheat unfiltered beer

Samba is a light wheat ale with an impressive characteristic echo of acidity and salinity. The special combination of spice, salty and sour taste and ease of drinking makes Samba beer not only unique, but also really noticeably refreshing.

Plato 11% Alcohol 4.5% vol. IBU 40

Beer TM

Obolon Svitle is a classic lager beer with a pleasant malty taste and moderate bitterness. It is well perceived by all categories of customers.
Alcohol by volume – 4,5 %. Solids content in original wort - 11.0%.

Trade Mark ‘Obolon’ is represented by the following positions:  ‘Obolon Svitle’, ‘Obolon Lager’, ‘Obolon Strong’, ‘Obolon Non-Alcoholic’ and ‘Obolon Premium Extra Brew’

Beer semi-dark unfiltered

"Granat" is a hybrid of two beer worlds. Lightness and weight of barley beer, balanced bitterness with aroma in the style of American Red Lager. The aroma is dominated by a floral bouquet with the character of spices, intertwined with lightly spicy notes. "Granat" - the perfect beer for the beginning of adventures and the first emotions from fragrant American hops.

Plato 14% Alcohol 5.4% vol. IBU 15

Beer light unfiltered

Special ginger beer in the style of "British Ale", made on the basis of barley and wheat malt with the addition of fresh ginger root. The pale straw color of beer with a white foam cap is combined with a pleasant ginger-fruit aroma, orange, cardamom and ginger flavor. Ginger Ale is not only a sip of energy and vitamins, it is a useful refreshing drink, and also an aphrodisiac! Sediment is a natural feature of the product.

Plato 12% Alcohol 4.8% vol. IBU 14


Fresh Shot is fruity-flavored cocktail vodka served in light cocktails and is especially revealing in pure ice form. They will be the bright start of any party. In the trend of cocktail culture, the brand offers original copyright recipes that are placed on the product label. Cranberry, Melon, Grapefruit, White Tea for Lime & Mint - Best for Mojito!

Fresh Shot. Mix your life!

Beer light unfiltered

“Bohemia” beer is brewed in "Volynski Browar" according to the recipe of Czech brewers from barley malts and two types of hops: bitter for a pronounced character and fragrant to complement the bouquet. "Bohemia" is a Czech Premium Lager, pleasantly sharp, at the same time full in taste with solid foam - as it has been in the Czech Republic for ages.

Plato 12% Alcohol 4.4% vol. IBU 18


Beer TM

A special product line of Julius Siebert - the founder of one of the corporation's enterprises.
Zibert Light is a classic lager beer made of only high quality Ukrainian malt which Is considered the best in Europe. Water produced from the Artesian source well passes through high-quality treatment on modern German filters.
Alcohol by volume – 4,4 %. Solids content in original wort - 11.0%.

Beer TM

Zibert Weissbier - clarified unfiltered wheat beer, brewed according to classic German traditions, which means that it contains at least 50% wheat malt.
The grainy character of wheat softens the taste, and along with the fluffy body, makes the beer smooth.
Alcohol by volume – 5,4 %. Solids content in original wort - 12.5%.


In line with market trends and consumer expectations, Bon Boisson has expanded its portfolio of Bon Boisson Balance brands. TM Bon Boisson Balance - natural mineral water with the addition of juice. This is an innovative product that has no analogues in the Ukrainian market. This product is aimed at those consumers who care about their health, drink mineral water, lead an active lifestyle, but at the same time want to treat themselves to delicious drinks without extra calories. The classic combination of juicy lime and fragrant mint flavors perfectly quenches thirst and perfectly refreshes on hot summer days. The harmonious taste of the drink will not leave anyone indifferent. Bon Boisson Balance - a balance of natural water and fruit flavor!

Dark unfiltered beer

"Forest Black IPA" is endowed with a unique pine-berry aroma and characteristic intense hopping. Delicate pine-malt taste with hints of toasted caramel emphasizes the peculiarity of beer. Turbidity and yeast sediment is a natural feature of the product.

Plato 18% Alcohol 7.3% vol. IBU 25

Beer TM

Obolon BeerMix  - is a special light beer with fruit taste made from artesian water, high-quality barley malt and hops, this original drink contains lemon syrup, which adds to non-alcoholic beer a pleasant fruit flavor. The drink attracts consumers with its delicate aroma and special, slightly sour taste.

The BeerMix line also includes the following flavors: Cherry, Raspberry, Cola-lima, Energy, Lemon (non alcoholic).

Alcohol by volume – 2,5 %. Solids content in original wort - 12.2%.

Strong alcoholic drink «Tavria Craft Collection Orange»

The drink is produced by cognac technology from cognac spirits with the addition of orange extract. The aroma is rich with bright orange and oak tones. The taste is soft, warming, with rich tones of citrus fruits.

Beer TM

A special product line of Julius Siebert - the founder of one of the corporation's enterprises.
Zibert Light is a classic lager beer made of only high quality Ukrainian malt which Is considered the best in Europe. Water produced from the Artesian source well passes through high-quality treatment on modern German filters.
Alcohol by volume – 4,4 %. Solids content in original wort - 11.0%.