Bon Boisson Beverage

BON BOISSON BEVERAGE today unites 2 large plants and 42 representative offices across all Ukraine. The company's products are present in more than 50,000 retail stores and in all national supermarket chains. The company ranks 4th in terms of production in Ukraine and is among the TOP 5 largest national producers of soft drinks, and BLACK became the first power engineer in Ukraine in terms of sales. Strongdrink LLC is a business partner. The company is actively developing and producing alcoholic products under well-known and popular consumer brands - cognac TM "Ai-Petri", vodka TM "Khlibna Slyoza" and others.



Natural table mineral still water “Bon Boisson”

Bon Boisson natural mineral table water is extracted in the “Salt Estuary” resort area. During bottling, water enters the bottle directly from the well, preserving its natural state and physical properties of mineral water.

Bon Boisson natural mineral water is ideal for daily use for the whole family. It has no restrictions on use and contraindications to consumption, and its low mineral content allows you to use Bon Boisson water for making hot drinks and favorite dishes.

BON BOISSON - natural water for your life!

Soft energy drink

A classic energy drink with a full range of tonic components.

Since the first day of entering the Ukrainian market and for over 10 years, BLACK has maintained its leadership in the energy drinks market in terms of consumption. Success factors are the original taste, recipe with a complex of energy components and "manly" appearance.

We know that young people have many desires and plans, but their realization requires inspiration and a lot of energy.

That's why BLACK offers different drink formats and different flavors for any situation, and invites - "Taste the life!"


In line with market trends and consumer expectations, Bon Boisson has expanded its portfolio of Bon Boisson Balance brands. TM Bon Boisson Balance - natural mineral water with the addition of juice. This is an innovative product that has no analogues in the Ukrainian market. This product is aimed at those consumers who care about their health, drink mineral water, lead an active lifestyle, but at the same time want to treat themselves to delicious drinks without extra calories. The classic combination of juicy lime and fragrant mint flavors perfectly quenches thirst and perfectly refreshes on hot summer days. The harmonious taste of the drink will not leave anyone indifferent. Bon Boisson Balance - a balance of natural water and fruit flavor!

Soft drink on the fermented basis

"Boyarsky kvass" - live fermentation kvass on barley and rye malt. Kvass - an ancient originally Slavic drink. It was cooked both in poor peasant houses and in wealthy boyar estates. Taking the best of ancient recipes, our experts cook delicious and useful "Boyar" kvass for you every day on pure artesian water, rye and barley malt!


Bon Boisson presents a new line of sweet drinks - TM BON BOISSON FINEST DRINKS.

For this line, we have selected the most popular drinks from around the world. Then, we finalized their composition and presented our own collection of famous flavors in the author's recipe from the company Bon Boisson.

The most popular summer cocktail - Mojito, invented in Cuba 100 years ago, is currently experiencing its highest popularity. The harmonious combination of juicy lime and fragrant mint will appeal to even the most discerning gourmet.


The innovative NATURAL ENERGY energy drink was developed for those who maintain a high pace of life, but choose only natural resources. Natural energy derived from green coffee beans and guarana will help maintain vitality throughout the day. Fruit flavors exclusively on natural flavors will favorably distinguish this series from synthetic analogues.

Asai berries are able to increase energy, speed up metabolism, strengthen the immune system and slow down the aging process.

Vodka special TM

"Khlibna Slyoza" in ancient times called vodka exclusively privately produced and of excellent quality. Usually such vodka was made not for sale, but for themselves and guests in the manors. The high cost of production and the amount of effort expended were not taken into account. The only criterion was the quality of the product.

We took the same principle as a basis and made every effort to produce vodka of the highest quality. Each bottle is strictly controlled. Both the appearance and the contents of a bottle of "Khlibna Slioza" vodka fully correspond to the content that our ancestors put into this phrase.

Flavored semi-sweet white sparkling wine

Light low-carbonated wine with a trendy peach flavor. The wine is bright, brilliantly golden in color with elegant bubbles. The sparkling nature of the wine creates a truly summer mood. Aroma: Fragrant, fresh, full, filled with sweet peach notes. Taste: Pure, bright, with a well-defined taste of peach. The product is intended primarily for female audiences, but also for connoisseurs of soft drinks. An indispensable product for parties and holidays, perfect for romantic evenings in pleasant company.

Malt drink TM

Strong alcoholic drink "Malt" TM "Black Jack" is prepared by a unique technology using barley malt. In the blend of the drink, domestic and imported aged alcohols form a typical for whiskey, soft with malt and caramel tones bouquet, full, harmonious taste. The color is light golden with a luster without foreign inclusions and sediment. It is bottled in author's bottles of classic rectangular design.

Cognac TM

Today, in order to revive the old traditions of Ukrainian cognac production, STRONGDRINK LLC is a producer of one of the most famous cognac brands in Ukraine - Ai-Petri. A drink for real gourmets. Cognac is a drink that occupies a special place among alcoholic beverages. It is a strong alcoholic beverage made from cognac spirits aged in oak barrels for at least five years. The color is golden. The taste is noble, delicate; the aroma is mature with light fruity-floral notes.