Chocolate milk «Millennium Mousse» with mousse and strawberry filling 33 g

Milk chocolate, creamy mousse and strawberry jam in a convenient bar form.

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Dried plums in milk chocolate

Jelly fruit candies

Jelly candies - made exclusively from natural juice with the addition of agar. There are 2 flavors in the package - apple-grape, apple-lemon. Does not contain gluten, fats, extra sugar. Natural product without preservatives.




Ingredients: pear, peanut, molasses, black confectionery glaze (cocoa butter substitute, cocoa liquor, sand sugar, emulsifier, chocolate flavoring).

Wheat flour, premium grade, 50 kg

Used for the production of: white bread, pita bread, French baguettes, cakes, pasta, pizza.

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Vanilla flavored sunflower seed halva

Ingredients: roasted crushed sunflower kernels, sugar, starch syrup, roasted peanuts, natural foaming agent (soap root extract), acidity regulator (lactic acid), identical to natural flavoring (vanillin).


Ingredients: Dates, dried raspberries, hazelnut kernels, raisins, sunflower kernels.

100% natural. GREENGY bars do not contain emulsifiers, preservatives and other harmful food additives. Exclusively natural dried fruits and nuts.

RAW INGREDIENTS. Raw, unheated foods retain all their valuable trace elements and vitamins, filling the body with natural energy.

GMO FREE. There are no advances of genetic engineering in GREENGY bars. Only natural ingredients.

GLUTEN FREE. GREENGY bars are relevant not only for people with gluten intolerance, but also for those who want to keep their weight normal and body in shape.

WITHOUT ADDING SUGAR. GREENGY bars do not contain caramel or chocolate glaze. Only natural sweetness of dried fruits and natural taste.

VEGAN. GREENGY bars do not contain products of animal origin. Only green energy of plants.

WITHOUT DAIRY PRODUCTS. GREENGY bars do not contain dairy products, so they do not contain lactose and cholesterol.

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Can-Can Alpi

Champagne flavored praline formed candy

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Natural goldenrod honey

Type of honey: Goldenrod

Characteristics (color, density, taste, smell): Golden-yellow color, not very rare in consistency, sweet, distinctive taste and smell.

Medicinal properties: used in gastroenterology, well thinning sputum in diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

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Macho Alpi

Formed candy, Brandy flavored chocolate cream

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Soft coconut praline in dark chocolate

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Dates with walnut Alpi

Dates with walnuts Alpi in confectionary glaze.

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Brittle candy

Made with plant components: nuts and honey;

Without yeast and leavening agents; GLUTEN FREE; SUGAR FREE.

For those who love sweets and care about their well-being.



The refined aristocratic sparkling wine of Marengo Extra Brut Chardonnay, like a light spring breath, fills the romantic moments of life with a romantic touch. The delicate floral aroma of exotic fruits and the refreshing harmonious taste makes it easy to create a holiday at any time.

It goes well with fruits and desserts.

Flow temperature: 12-15 ° C.

Alcohol content: 10-13,5% vol.

Sugar content: 0.6% wt.

English walnut

Ingredients: sugar, molasses, confectionery fat, pure honey, English walnut, black confectionery glaze (cocoa butter substitute, cocoa liquor, sand sugar, emulsifier, chocolate flavoring).

Dark chocolate 85%

High quality dark chocolate, 85% cocoa

“Filutka” dragees

The glazed confectionery dragee is covered with sugar glaze. The dragee is presented in a classic color style, which in combination with the beautiful packaging adds a special elegant look. Made from high quality ingredients of foreign origin on certified imported equipment.

Rice puffs clusters with milk cocoa compound

Clusters with aerial rice and milk chocolate frosting.

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Disneyka Alpi (assorted)

Soft chewy caramel with fruit flavors.

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Roasted hazelnuts and almonds in milk and dark chocolate

Vegan Candy YARO

Date, peanuts, cocoa butter, carob, pink Himalayan salt, sunflower lecithin emulsifier

We have combined simple and natural ingredients to get an incredibly salty-sweet taste. Salted caramel is a classic that never annoys.