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Wafer candies

Crispy wafers covered with chocolate with a rich filling with the taste of a walnut.

usaid agro program
Coconut bar Bali, ТМ АСК

Coconut bars are covered with a milk glaze. Ingredients: confectionary glaze, coconut chips, glucose syrup, sugar, condensed milk, table margarine, artificial coloring E171, flavoring "Coconut cream". MAY CONTAIN: NUTS, GLUTEN, EGG PRODUCTS.

Marshmallow covered with chocolate with stevia «Pure Delight», 180g «STEVIASUN corp. Ltd»

Light, tender, airy marshmallow with sugar-free stevia. Source of vitamins and minerals. Ingredients: egg white, whey protein, sweetener (fructose, dry stevia extract "Steviasun"), agar-agar, dark chocolate "Steviasun", citric acid.

Coco clusters with dark cocoa compound

Coconut clusters with dark chocolate frosting.

Rice puffs clusters with milk cocoa compound

Clusters with aerial rice and milk chocolate frosting.

“Filutka” dragees

The glazed confectionery dragee is covered with sugar glaze. The dragee is presented in a classic color style, which in combination with the beautiful packaging adds a special elegant look. Made from high quality ingredients of foreign origin on certified imported equipment.

Milk Wow Glazed Candy

The nougat is covered with milk glaze

usaid agro program

Hazelnut praline with nuts (hazelnuts) in milk chocolate

Beer light unfiltered “Forward”

"Forward" is a refined Belgian-style beer with a centuries-old history. The uniqueness of the drink is manifested in the harmonious relationship between malt, hops and alcohol. It has a delicate taste with spicy, fruity and citrus nuances. Turbidity and yeast sediment are a natural feature of the product.

Plato 19% Alcohol 8% vol. IBU 25

Sweets Korovka-Brovka toffee cocoa and milk

An interesting combination of two layers of iris-cream and chocolate

usaid agro program
Cream - paste with cocoa and hazelnuts, TM

Ingredients: sugar, unhydrated sunflower oil, fats (palm and palm kernel oil), hazelnut 18%, skimmed milk powder, milk whey powder, cocoa butter, modified starch, emulsifier: soy lecithin, E 471, salt.

Strong alcoholic drink «Tavria Craft Collection Cherry»

The drink is produced by cognac technology from cognac spirits with the addition of cherry extract. Full-bodied aroma with tones of sweet cherries, cherries, apricots, dried apricot and peaches. The taste is soft with tones of maraschino cherry, bright almond flavor and hints of chocolate and amaretto.

usaid agro program
Cream - pistachio paste, TM

Ingredients: sugar, pistachio 30%, vegetable oil (sunflower and palm), skimmed milk powder, whey, cocoa butter, thickener: corn starch, emulsifier: soya lecithin, vanillin, salt.

Cracker with bacon and Habanero pepper flavor “Yarych”

Mini-crackers are a great alternative to chips and popcorn! Crispy, fragrant, tender, melting in the mouth with a vibrant snack of bacon and habanero pepper.

Aerated butter biscuits

The company’s trademark is biscuits “Delicia”.

Conciseness of a round shape, incredible, unusual taste of the whipped base and the spiciness of the jelly filler.

The assortment line includes the following types of buttery whipped cookies:

- with the taste of cherries in a dark glaze

- with the taste of orange in a dark glaze

- with a taste of cappuccino in a dark glaze with white decor

- with the taste of cherries in milk glaze

Weight: 0,5 kg; 1,0 kg; 3,0 kg; 0,135 kg; 0,3 kg

Biscuits “Petit Beurre Brown “Yarych”

Classic European biscuits. Crispy and fragrant. in the composition of 5,1% alkaline cocoa with a reduced fat content of 10-12%. 

Nut with nougat

Ingredients: sugar, pure honey, dried egg white, molasses, water, English walnut, black confectionery glaze (cocoa butter substitute, cocoa liquor, sand sugar, emulsifier, chocolate flavoring)

Meteorite with hazelnuts

Ingredients: sand sugar, molasses, water, confectionery fat, pure honey, hazelnut kernel, natural black chocolate with cocoa content of at least 54.3% (sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, emulsifier (soy lecithin) vanillin)




Ingredients: dried kiwi, non-dairy creamer, confectionery fat, light confectionery glaze (cocoa butter substitute, sugar, skim milk powder, emulsifier lecithin, flavoring), black confectionery glaze (cocoa butter substitute, cocoa liquor, sand sugar, emulsifier, chocolate flavoring), kiwi flavoring, salt, sorbic acid

usaid agro program
Macho Alpi

Formed candy, Brandy flavored chocolate cream

usaid agro program
Marmalade in chocolate

An amazing combination of ripe exotic fruits and dark chocolate - this is a marmalade "Pate de Fruits" in chocolate!

Why try to describe the fantastic taste - it's just worth trying!

Only natural ingredients

17% mango

Genuine dark chocolate (56% cocoa products)

ISO 22000 production standards

On pectin, which has proven benefits.

Gluten free

Handmade with heart and soul by our craftsmen

Palm Oil Free

Without gelatin and natural identical flavorings

Attractive packaging.