Delicia is a modern confectionery factory that produces more than 60 kinds of sugar, butter, aerated butter biscuits, wafers and cooked gingerbreads.

Delicia’s philosophy is to choose natural products and use original recipes to produce high quality and safe products.

Our confidence in our products is based on a complete production cycle using special process lines. This allows us to control the process at all stages - from selection of raw materials to production of finished confectionary goods.

Delicia is constantly upgrading and expanding its production facilities: our technologists create new recipes and improve the existing ones. Besides, we provide a variety of weight and packaging formats for each of our customers.

The products of the factory are represented in factory stores, supermarkets, and in retail outlet places throughout the territory of Ukraine. We also export our products to more than 20 countries in Europe and Asia: Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Great Britain, USA, Azerbaijan, Israel, and others.

Due to the high quality of products and its special taste, along with the development of the company, the geography of exports is expanding: more and more foreign consumers enjoy Delicia products.



Aerated butter biscuits

The company’s trademark is biscuits “Delicia”.

Conciseness of a round shape, incredible, unusual taste of the whipped base and the spiciness of the jelly filler.

The assortment line includes the following types of buttery whipped cookies:

- with the taste of cherries in a dark glaze

- with the taste of orange in a dark glaze

- with a taste of cappuccino in a dark glaze with white decor

- with the taste of cherries in milk glaze

Weight: 0,5 kg; 1,0 kg; 3,0 kg; 0,135 kg; 0,3 kg

Butter biscuits

It's hard to call these cookies simple, because they combine the original square shape with lace, and incredibly tender, sweet, but with sour, thick, but at the same time soft jelly filling.

The assortment line includes the following types of butter cookies:

- with the taste of black currants in a dark glaze

- with the taste of raspberries in a dark glaze

- with the taste of black currants in milk glaze

Weight: 0,65 kg; 1,1 kg; 4,0 kg; 0,15 kg; 0,4 kg

Cooked gingerbread

Custard gingerbread can be called a generous, rich treat. They combine all the best and subtlest flavors. They are made in the form of gingerbread bars, covered with dark confectionery glaze and decorated with white.

It tastes like chocolate bitterness and milky softness. In addition, the sweetness is shaded by a fruit filling with a pleasant sourness, and a special spiciness of taste is added by spices: coriander, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and anise.

Weight: 0,6 kg; 1,3 kg; 3,0 kg; 0,25 kg; 0,3 kg

Cooked gingerbread

Custard gingerbread that can transport you to childhood. This is facilitated by their appearance - they are made in the shape of bears, and their pleasant vanilla taste, familiar to everyone from an early age.

Weight: 0,8 kg; 2,3 kg; 0,24 kg; 0,3 kg

Butter biscuits

Butter biscuits "Yin-Yang" - a wonderful treat that combines several flavors and original shape. Black and white fragments are laid out on a rich base in the form of a well-known oriental symbol. The fragrant dark side with the taste of Bailey’s liqueur and the delicate white part with the taste of coconut create a unique harmony of taste.

Weight: 0,65 kg; 1,2 kg; 3,5 kg; 0,2 kg; 0,4 kg

Cooked gingerbread

Custard gingerbread in the form of pretzels, hearts and stars, covered with a dark glaze with a pleasant bitterness and rich in light oriental aromas: cinnamon, cloves, coriander, ginger, and anise. Apple jam is added to the dough, which allows the gingerbread to remain soft and fresh for a long time.

Weight: 0,9 kg; 2,5 kg; 0,25 kg; 0,4 kg

Cooked gingerbread

A branded recipe is used for the preparation of gingerbread, which has no analogues on the Ukrainian market. This gives the product an airy, incredibly gentle and soft texture. The surface of the products is covered with orange-flavored sugar glaze, which forms a golden crispy crust. A great choice for lovers of selected delicacies.

Weight: 0,7 kg; 0,3 kg

Butter biscuits “Super-Star”

Concise and beautiful in its simplicity cookies that will not only attract adults and children with their appearance, but also enchant everyone with their taste.

It combines brown butter dough with the addition of cocoa powder, which forms the basis of sweets, and a gentle soft white confectionery glaze with the taste of coconut, which generously fills the middle of the cookies.

Weight: 1,0 kg; 3,0 kg; 0,15 kg; 0,4 kg

Butter biscuits

This dessert will appeal to both children and parents. The basis of its confectionery composition combines classic ingredients: butter cookies with vanilla-creamy taste and jelly filling with strawberry flavor. But the shape of the sweets is quite unusual - made in the form of strawberries with a bright red jelly center, decorated with black sesame seeds.

Cookies are both pleasing to the eye and pleasant to the taste.

Weight: 1,3 kg; 3,0 kg; 0,2 kg; 0,4 kg

Butter biscuits

Miniature ribbed bar of butter biscuit with spicy cherry or apple jam. A great choice for those who like a combination of classics and the opportunity to vary - it's always new and at the same time well-known taste.

Delicacies are offered: with dark and white decor or without it.

Weight: 0,6 kg; 1,1 kg; 1,2; 3,5 kg; 0,17 kg; 0,25 kg; 0,5 kg