The recipe for this authentic Cossack vodka is reproduced from historical chronicles. KOZAK VODKA - made by unique ancient technology of softening and enrichment of dried wheat bread. This vodka has a classic vodka taste that will appeal to those who appreciate the classic vodka at its best. 40% or 37.5%

0,1 liter; 0,5 l; 0.7 liter; 1 liter


Fresh Shot is fruity-flavored cocktail vodka served in light cocktails and is especially revealing in pure ice form. They will be the bright start of any party. In the trend of cocktail culture, the brand offers original copyright recipes that are placed on the product label. Cranberry, Melon, Grapefruit, White Tea for Lime & Mint - Best for Mojito!

Fresh Shot. Mix your life!


HLIBNY DAR is № 1 vodka in Ukraine and № 5 in the world.

Honey and Ginger create a special aroma, softness and taste in HLIBNY DAR Kraft vodka Ginger honey.

Alcohol content is 40%.

Capacity is 0,5 l; 0.7 l; 1 liter


Vodka of trade mark CELSIUS is created using the state-of-the-art Trinity technology, which combines three production processes: triple blend, triple softening and triple polishing filtration. Control at every stage of production ensures the highest quality of the world level.

0,2 l; 0,5 l; 0.7 l; 1 liter


RADA Premium vodka is designed for those who love freedom and travel, value individuality and new experiences, who are not afraid of the modern world, but are moving towards a new and progressive one. Only selected, natural ingredients and exclusive recipes. Only modern technology and high quality of production.

RADA. Meet the world!

Vodka special TM

"Khlibna Slyoza" in ancient times called vodka exclusively privately produced and of excellent quality. Usually such vodka was made not for sale, but for themselves and guests in the manors. The high cost of production and the amount of effort expended were not taken into account. The only criterion was the quality of the product.

We took the same principle as a basis and made every effort to produce vodka of the highest quality. Each bottle is strictly controlled. Both the appearance and the contents of a bottle of "Khlibna Slioza" vodka fully correspond to the content that our ancestors put into this phrase.

Flavored semi-sweet white sparkling wine

Light low-carbonated wine with a trendy peach flavor. The wine is bright, brilliantly golden in color with elegant bubbles. The sparkling nature of the wine creates a truly summer mood. Aroma: Fragrant, fresh, full, filled with sweet peach notes. Taste: Pure, bright, with a well-defined taste of peach. The product is intended primarily for female audiences, but also for connoisseurs of soft drinks. An indispensable product for parties and holidays, perfect for romantic evenings in pleasant company.

Malt drink TM

Strong alcoholic drink "Malt" TM "Black Jack" is prepared by a unique technology using barley malt. In the blend of the drink, domestic and imported aged alcohols form a typical for whiskey, soft with malt and caramel tones bouquet, full, harmonious taste. The color is light golden with a luster without foreign inclusions and sediment. It is bottled in author's bottles of classic rectangular design.

Cognac TM

Today, in order to revive the old traditions of Ukrainian cognac production, STRONGDRINK LLC is a producer of one of the most famous cognac brands in Ukraine - Ai-Petri. A drink for real gourmets. Cognac is a drink that occupies a special place among alcoholic beverages. It is a strong alcoholic beverage made from cognac spirits aged in oak barrels for at least five years. The color is golden. The taste is noble, delicate; the aroma is mature with light fruity-floral notes.

Liqueur cream Via Lattea 0,7 l.

Following the collaboration of Brandbar and Irish pastry chef Kevin Allen, as well as a Dutch company producing high quality cream blends, the unique creamy liqueur Via Lattea was born, which in Latin means Milky Way.

Trafalgar Gin 1 l.

Named in honor of the legendary Trafalgar battle in which Admiral Nelson defeated the fleet of Napoleon and the Spaniards. Also, this name is one of the most beautiful places in London - Trafalgar Square. Gin is produced by the London Dry Gin system, which is the most common and popular method of production. Available in 0.7 l bottles; 0.5 l and 0.2 l

Ostrich Gorilka 0,7 l

The idea of creating Ostrich vodka was born in parallel with the development of our production on the territory of Yasnogorsk Ostrich Farm, where it is possible to obtain an ingredient for additional filtration, namely egg white.

The best grain alcohols and pure artesian water, in addition to a 30-day rest, are purified with egg white, which makes the vodka as soft and sweet as possible! Available in 0.5l and 0.2l bottles

Sambuca Ibiza 1l

The Ibiza Sambuca was named after an island in the Mediterranean that is famous for its clubs and parties. The nightlife of Ibiza Island is a cocktail for young people and traditional Spanish nightlife. Sambuca is a strong anise liqueur that has a fresh and soft taste and an intense delicate aroma. The drink involves a sweet natural liqueur made from grain alcohol, sugar, regular anise, star anise, elderflower extracts. Available in 0.7l and 0.5l bottles

Triple Sec 0,7l.

Colorless citrus liqueur made from sweet orange peel and bitter lemon peel. The traditional strength of the liquor is 40 degrees. Its aroma and taste are unique.

The production of this liqueur implies the insistence of citrus peel, which is subsequently subjected to triple distillation, then diluted and sweetened. Pure alcohol is used as the basis.

Liqueur Smoked prunes

Authentic Ukrainian liqueur is a fragrant dark ruby liqueur with intense cherry flavor and a powerful aftertaste of prunes with a slight hint of smoke.

The production of this liqueur is the insistence of natural smoked prunes in the furnaces of prunes and dried cherries of the variety "Lutivka". Before filtration, the infusion is tested, and then cinnamon and vanilla are added.

It will be interesting, both in its pure form and in combinations with cocktails and hot drinks.

Absinthe Premium 1 l.

A drink that we are very proud of and from which the Brandbar Company began its journey. In 2001, Brandbar Company became the first producer of absinthe in Ukraine, named after the famous artist and great connoisseur of absinthe - Vincent Van Gogh. Our absinthe is made for true connoisseurs: it is prepared according to a long recipe of the XIX century. Available in 0.7l bottles; 0.5l and 0.2l


The main feature of this product is the lightness of taste, which is achieved due to the original saturation of vodka with air in the production process.

Light vodka ICE Air contains two distinctive features - additional cold processing before bottling and a new recipe with the addition of peppermint.

Combines a subtle vodka aroma, balanced durability and a light menthol refreshing aftertaste.

0.5 liter capacity Alcohol 40% vol. 


Ingredients: domestic and / or imported cognac alcohol, aged for at least 5 years, with the addition of cognac aged for at least 7 years, softened drinking water, sugar syrup, natural dye - sugar color.

The blend of cognac is completed with cognac alcohols, which have been aged in oak barrels for 7 years. Due to this, the drink acquires a dark amber color and a particularly rich and complex bouquet, which will impress with bright tones of aging with shades of velvet oak, dried fruit, walnut, vanilla and dark chocolate, and multifaceted, complex and soft taste with velvety and resinous long-lasting which give luxury and emphasize the nobility of origin.


HLIBNY DAR is the №1 vodka in Ukraine and the №5 in the world.

HLIBNY DAR is impeccable Ukrainian vodka, recognized by global rankings, with many credible awards. It is made exclusively from natural ingredients, high-quality luxury alcohols, on ecological water from an artesian well. The diamond of the drink is ensured by next-generation technologies with many purification steps.

It is the choice of the people who are changing this world.

Grape Ordinary Brandy «Borysfen Classic»

It is made from alcohols aged for at least 6 months. Violet aroma with hints of fresh grapes. The taste is bright and harmonious with hints of wood.

Grape Ordinary Brandy «Borysfen Premium»

It is made from alcohols aged for at least 6 months. The aroma is fruity with hints of fresh grapes, flowers, vanilla and light spicy seasonings. The taste is deep, spicy, full of dried fruit and honey-mustard flavor.