Ordinary Ukrainian Cognac «TAVRIA CRAFT COLLECTION»

It is made from high-quality cognac spirits of average age not less than 5 years, aged in oak. Aroma of fresh fruit bouquet with tones of grapes and hazelnuts. The taste is soft and harmonious with hints of prunes and dried fruits.

Drinking water saturated with oхygen

"Tonus-Oxygen" is the water for those who care about their beauty and health".
"Tonus-Oxygen" is a non-carbonated drinking water saturated with oxygen. It is a mineral water, which has no analogues in Europe. The content of O2 molecules in the water "Tonus-Oxygen" is 150 mg/l in comparison to 20-40mg/l of its European analogues.
It is a drinking water with general mineralization of 0,5-0,8g/dm3.




Vanilla version of the firm MOVA Stout. Dense and rich variety. A flavorful aroma with vivid notes of vanilla and cocoa beans. Chocolate-coffee sweetness in taste flutters in a light, burned-dry bitterness in the aftertaste.

ABV-4.9% IBU - 23 Plato - 15.5

Cherry professional bar Syrup

Significant product is produced of natural components only. Amazing collection of premium syrups that are ideal for any beverages. Choose the best flavours to create perfectly tasty lemonades, additions to coffee, cocktails, frappes, smoothies or milk beverages.




A classic lager with a pale straw color. Crispy and fresh beer with a light dry aftertaste.

ABV - 4.8% IBU - 55 Plato - 12

Semi-Sweet White Ordinary Table Wine “Muscat Apostrophe”

Semi-Sweet White Wine.

Grapes: Muscat grape varieties.

Color: Golden Straw.

Alcohol content: 9.0-13.0%.

Serving temperature: 10-12 ° C.

Aroma: Bright aroma of nutmeg, lemon and ripe peaches.

Taste: Fresh, pleasant with pronounced citron notes.

Sugar content: 3.0-8.0% wt.

Volume: 0.75 l.

Amber Ale

Amber sweet Ale.

The aroma has bright fruity tones with a predominance of peach. On the palate, there is a game of caramel and barberry notes, which continues with a long candy and nutty aftertaste.

ABV - 4.3% IBU - 23 Plato - 13

Dry Red Ordinary Table  Wine “Cabernet”

Dry Red Wine.

Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon.

Color: Rich ruby.

Alcohol content: 9.5-14.0%.

Serving temperature: 15-18 ° C.

Aroma: Complex, with tones of cherry, black currant and violet.

Taste: Deep, velvety tartness.

Volume: 0.75 l.

Apple sparkling strong Cider, semi-dry, TM Cider Magnum Sekt

A novelty in the history of ciders creation. Only high-quality selected ingredients, special technologies and modern equipment are used for its production. This contributes to achieving a high level of quality of finished products. The taste of the drink is incredibly juicy and balanced, shaded with notes of Sudanese rose.

Strong alcoholic drink «Tavria Craft Collection Spiced»

The drink is produced by cognac technology from cognac spirits with the addition of cinnamon extract. Aroma with hints of spices, cinnamon and vanilla, grapes, tropical fruits and duchesse. The taste is soft well-balanced and pleasant with hints of vanilla, cloves and sweet oriental spice.

usaid agro program
Birch sap with ginger and lime juice - 1.0 L (TM BJuice)

Sweetish liquid with a yellowish tint, which is made by mixing birch juice (Betula pendula) ginger juice (Zingiber officinale), and lime (Citrus × aurantiifolia). It has a refreshing taste and smells with a pleasant light aftertaste of ginger. Juice enriched with iodine, selenium, and zinc to prevent iodine deficiency - a complex health disorder is one of the most common non-communicable diseases in the world and strengthens human immunity. Iodine in the human body is involved in the regulation of energy metabolism, body temperature rate of biochemical reactions; protein, fat, water-electrolyte exchange; metabolism of some vitamins; growth and development of the body, including neuropsychological development.

Soft drink

Refreshing "Sitro" in a convenient ON THE GO format (0.5 liter jar). It has a soft and pleasant citrus taste. It is made according to the recipe of the Belarusian company OJSC "Alivaria Brewing Company".

Dry white SHABO Wine Reserve Telti-Kuruk

SHABO is a distinctive terroir of Europe, 1200 hectares of vineyards located on the famous "grape latitude", divided into mini and micro plots with highly valuable soils. Mild oceanic climate of southern Ukraine, a favorable location between the Black Sea and the Dnister liman, unique sandy soils with limestone and clean steppe air create ideal conditions for growing grapes and creating high-quality SHABO wines. International experts of SARL Derenoncourt (France) control all stages of production.

SHABO Reserve Telti-Kuruk created from the unique autochthonous variety Telti-Kuruk, which means "fox tail" in Ottoman. The first vines of this variety were planted back in the 16th century, when the territory of today's SHABO belonged to the Turks. The microclimate and soil structure of the SHABO terroir help to unlock its full potential.

Grapes: Telti-Kuruk.

Production technologies: traditional and innovative production technologies. Fermentation and storage of the wine in modern stainless-steel tanks with constant temperature control.

Color: light straw color.

Alcohol content: 10.0-14.0%.

Serving Temperature: + 10 ˚C - + 12 ˚C.

Aroma: The main aroma - subtle floral with a pronounced aroma of quince. Secondary aroma - floral direction, acacia.

Taste: rounded, mineral. Perfectly balanced in the aftertaste.

Food pairing: Poultry dishes, seafood lobster, seafood oyster, fish, cheeses.

Dry White Ordinary Table Wine “El Capitan Pinot Gris”

Dry White Wine.

Grapes: Pinot Gris.

Color: Light straw.

Alcohol content: 13%.

Serving temperature: 7-10 ° C.

Aroma: Elegant lemon-floral notes with tones of spring honey and green apples.

Taste: Very light with moderate acidity.

Volume: 0.75 l.

MERLOT Chateau Chizay Aged Wine

Volume – 0,75 liters

Alc. - 13%

Color - Red

Type - dry

Grape variety - Merlot

The age of the wine - 12 years

Aging in oak - 9 months

Aroma - notes of fruit and aging in oak, elegant spicy tones

Taste - ripe cherries, blackberries, round tannins, a pleasant chocolate-cream hue.

Grape Ordinary Brandy «Borysfen Premium»

It is made from alcohols aged for at least 6 months. The aroma is fruity with hints of fresh grapes, flowers, vanilla and light spicy seasonings. The taste is deep, spicy, full of dried fruit and honey-mustard flavor.

Dry White Ordinary Table  Varietal Wine “Chardonnay Apostrophe”

Dry White Wine.

Grapes: Chardonnay.

Color: Straw.

Alcohol content: 10.0-14.0%.

Serving temperature: 10-12 ° C.

Aroma: Gentle varietal, with notes of flowers and tones of fresh green apple.

Taste: Soft, harmonious, fresh.

Volume: 0.75 l.


Bon Boisson presents a new line of sweet drinks - TM BON BOISSON FINEST DRINKS.

For this line, we have selected the most popular drinks from around the world. Then, we finalized their composition and presented our own collection of famous flavors in the author's recipe from the company Bon Boisson.

The most popular summer cocktail - Mojito, invented in Cuba 100 years ago, is currently experiencing its highest popularity. The harmonious combination of juicy lime and fragrant mint will appeal to even the most discerning gourmet.

Flavored semi-sweet white sparkling wine

Light low-carbonated wine with a trendy peach flavor. The wine is bright, brilliantly golden in color with elegant bubbles. The sparkling nature of the wine creates a truly summer mood. Aroma: Fragrant, fresh, full, filled with sweet peach notes. Taste: Pure, bright, with a well-defined taste of peach. The product is intended primarily for female audiences, but also for connoisseurs of soft drinks. An indispensable product for parties and holidays, perfect for romantic evenings in pleasant company.

Stout Vanilla

Vanilla version of the firm MOVA Stout. Dense and rich variety. A flavorful aroma with vivid notes of vanilla and cocoa beans. Chocolate-coffee sweetness in taste flutters in a light, burned-dry bitterness in the aftertaste.

ABV - 4.9%, IBU – 23, Plato - 15.5

Semi-Sweet Red Ordinary Table Wine “Bastardo Apostrophe”

Semi-sweet Red Wine.

Grapes: Bastardo Magaray.

Color: Elegant ruby.

Alcohol content: 9.0-13.0%.

Serving temperature: 15-18 ° C.

Aroma: An original complex aroma with cherry tones, notes of black berries and coffee.

Taste: Soft, harmonious, well balanced.

Sugar content: 3.0-8.0% wt.

Volume: 0.75 l.