Royal Fruit Garden

Royal Fruit Garden is the first and so far the only company in Ukraine that produces cider from its own raw materials. Apple orchards with specially selected six varieties of apples grow in the city of Zolotonosha, Cherkasy region, on 162 hectares. This is where the best product is created – apple wine without flavorings, alcohols and preservatives.

Trading Houses:

1. Main Distribution Corp, USA, FL, Boca Raton, 980 N Federal HWY STE 110;
2. "Royal Fruit Bell" Brewery, Ltd., Republic of Belarus, Molodechno, Minsk obl., Libavo-Romenska Street, 143;
3. "Royal Fruit Rus" Ltd., Russian Federation, Moscow city, Otkrytoe shosse, 13


Apple Cider classic, semi-sweet, TM Cidre Royal

Classic cider made exclusively from fermented juice from moderately sweet varieties of apples. It has a golden and transparent color and a bright aroma and taste.

Fermented apple drink with Cherry, TM Miss Cherry

Miss Cherry— is a delicate cherry liqueur with a bright taste of ripe cherries. Made according to the original recipe, which allows to preserve not only the cherry taste, but also the light taste of cherry stones and slightly noticeable fresh fruit notes. The sweetness of the drink is palpable, but moderate. Miss Cherry is first and foremost, of course, a women’s drink, but it will not leave men indifferent.

Apple Cider with Cherry, TM Cidre Royal

Innovative apple blending cider with addition of cherry and elderberry juice, wine infusion of cloves and cinnamon, which gives an unique taste and aroma.

Apple Cider Spicy, TM Zbiten Zolotonosha

Blending cider with an individual sweet and spicy sourdough taste. Made by adding honey, spices and a bouquet of herbs to a blending apple cider. It helps improve appetite.

Apple sparkling strong Cider, semi-dry, TM Cider Magnum Sekt

A novelty in the history of ciders creation. Only high-quality selected ingredients, special technologies and modern equipment are used for its production. This contributes to achieving a high level of quality of finished products. The taste of the drink is incredibly juicy and balanced, shaded with notes of Sudanese rose.

Fermented apple drink

Applespritz is a special group of refreshing sparkling alcoholic drinks of the new era.
Spritz (sprits, shprits) grew out of the cocktail culture of Italy, the International Bartenders Association refers them to the New Era Drinks.
Applespritz is a mixture of sparkling cider and natural flavors.
Unlike alcoholic cocktails, it is a product of natural fermentation, more safer and natural type of alcohol.
Unlike cider, where the taste profiles are more traditional and conservative, Applespritz is an “open book” with the widest range of flavors and colors.

Fermented apple drink - AMORE, TM Alco Pops

Alco Pops 10% – is a unique drink for active and creative youth.
Appearing on the market in July 2019, this unique drink with complex flavors has changed consumers’ perceptions about drinks with a high degree of fermentation.
The main difference between Alco Pops of 10% TM from other cocktail is that it is created by fermenting freshly squeezed apple juice with natural fruit and citrus juices to a sufficiently high degree of 10% alcohol.
It is perfect for fun youth parties, slightly heady and improves mood, leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

Apple Cider with Citrus fruits, TM Pinkel

PINKEL is a drink with a range of bright, unforgettable flavors created for modern, energetic young people who want to get the most out of life.
This is a drink for those who like noisy parties, concerts, fashionable wild nights. The line of tonic and refreshing drinks of PINKEL TM today has 5 most requested tastes.
One of the main factors in the success of these drinks is their variety and convenient aluminum can.

Fermented apple drink - Black currant with spices, TM Zbiten Zolotonosha

Our distant ancestors loved honey drinks and drank them in large quantities. This is confirmed by ancient recipes in which the ingredients were measured in tens of liters of water and kilograms of honey. One of these honey drinks became known today as ZBITEN. According to the definition given in ancient books and chronicles of the ancient Slavs, ZBITEN is a sweet honey drink, the main component of which is honey. In addition, water, various spices and herbs, including medicinal ones, were used for its preparation.
In 2013, the company’s specialists began to reproduce the drink according to the recipes of our ancestors from raw materials, which are rich in our region — honey, fermented apple juice and medicinal herbs.

Non alcogolic drink with peach flavor, for children, TM Bubble drink

Bubble Drink is a children’s champagne that belongs to carbonated soft drinks. It contains water, natural apple juice and natural flavors.
The drink for children is clogged under high pressure, so it should be opened in the presence of adults.
This product is intended for children’s holidays, it is not used every day.
Children’s soft drink is designed to imitate real champagne.
We carefully monitor the quality of the product and control every step of this production.
Drink for children from 2 years old.