Semi-Dry White Ordinary Table Wine

Semi-Dry White Wine.

Grapes: Riesling Rhine.

Colour: Light straw.

Alcohol content: 9.0-13.0%.

Serving temperature: 9-11 ° C.

Aroma: Bright fruit with a wide range - from yellow pear and nectarine to tropical fruits.

Taste: Refreshing, with a nice sweetness.

Sugar content: 0.5-2.5% wt.

Volume: 0.75 l.

Semi-Sweet White Ordinary Table Wine “Muscat Apostrophe”

Semi-Sweet White Wine.

Grapes: Muscat grape varieties.

Color: Golden Straw.

Alcohol content: 9.0-13.0%.

Serving temperature: 10-12 ° C.

Aroma: Bright aroma of nutmeg, lemon and ripe peaches.

Taste: Fresh, pleasant with pronounced citron notes.

Sugar content: 3.0-8.0% wt.

Volume: 0.75 l.

Dry Red Ordinary Table  Wine “Cabernet”

Dry Red Wine.

Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon.

Color: Rich ruby.

Alcohol content: 9.5-14.0%.

Serving temperature: 15-18 ° C.

Aroma: Complex, with tones of cherry, black currant and violet.

Taste: Deep, velvety tartness.

Volume: 0.75 l.

Dry White Ordinary Table Wine “El Capitan Pinot Gris”

Dry White Wine.

Grapes: Pinot Gris.

Color: Light straw.

Alcohol content: 13%.

Serving temperature: 7-10 ° C.

Aroma: Elegant lemon-floral notes with tones of spring honey and green apples.

Taste: Very light with moderate acidity.

Volume: 0.75 l.

Dry Rose Ordinary Table Wine “EL CAPITAN Rose”

Dry Rose Wine.

Grapes: Pinot Meunier.

Color: Light pink.

Alcohol content: 12.1%.

Serving temperature: 7-10 ° C.

Aroma: Elegant varietal bouquet with notes of strawberries, cranberries, currants and gooseberries.

Taste: Delicate and refreshing, devoid of tartness.

Volume: 0.75 l.

White Sparkling Brut Wine “El Capitan”

White Sparkling Brut Wine.

Grapes: Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay.

Color: Light straw.

Alcohol content: 11.5%.

Serving temperature: 7-9 ° C.

Aroma: Bright tones of white fruits - pears and summer apples; white acacia and elderberry notes are pronounced.

Taste: Refreshing, light, with mild acidity.

Volume: 0.75 l.

Dry White Ordinary Table  Varietal Wine “Chardonnay Apostrophe”

Dry White Wine.

Grapes: Chardonnay.

Color: Straw.

Alcohol content: 10.0-14.0%.

Serving temperature: 10-12 ° C.

Aroma: Gentle varietal, with notes of flowers and tones of fresh green apple.

Taste: Soft, harmonious, fresh.

Volume: 0.75 l.

Semi-Sweet Red Ordinary Table Wine “Bastardo Apostrophe”

Semi-sweet Red Wine.

Grapes: Bastardo Magaray.

Color: Elegant ruby.

Alcohol content: 9.0-13.0%.

Serving temperature: 15-18 ° C.

Aroma: An original complex aroma with cherry tones, notes of black berries and coffee.

Taste: Soft, harmonious, well balanced.

Sugar content: 3.0-8.0% wt.

Volume: 0.75 l.


The recipe for this authentic Cossack vodka is reproduced from historical chronicles. KOZAK VODKA - made by unique ancient technology of softening and enrichment of dried wheat bread. This vodka has a classic vodka taste that will appeal to those who appreciate the classic vodka at its best. 40% or 37.5%

0,1 liter; 0,5 l; 0.7 liter; 1 liter


Fresh Shot is fruity-flavored cocktail vodka served in light cocktails and is especially revealing in pure ice form. They will be the bright start of any party. In the trend of cocktail culture, the brand offers original copyright recipes that are placed on the product label. Cranberry, Melon, Grapefruit, White Tea for Lime & Mint - Best for Mojito!

Fresh Shot. Mix your life!


HLIBNY DAR is № 1 vodka in Ukraine and № 5 in the world.

Honey and Ginger create a special aroma, softness and taste in HLIBNY DAR Kraft vodka Ginger honey.

Alcohol content is 40%.

Capacity is 0,5 l; 0.7 l; 1 liter


Vodka of trade mark CELSIUS is created using the state-of-the-art Trinity technology, which combines three production processes: triple blend, triple softening and triple polishing filtration. Control at every stage of production ensures the highest quality of the world level.

0,2 l; 0,5 l; 0.7 l; 1 liter


RADA Premium vodka is designed for those who love freedom and travel, value individuality and new experiences, who are not afraid of the modern world, but are moving towards a new and progressive one. Only selected, natural ingredients and exclusive recipes. Only modern technology and high quality of production.

RADA. Meet the world!

Beer light unfiltered

“Bohemia” beer is brewed in "Volynski Browar" according to the recipe of Czech brewers from barley malts and two types of hops: bitter for a pronounced character and fragrant to complement the bouquet. "Bohemia" is a Czech Premium Lager, pleasantly sharp, at the same time full in taste with solid foam - as it has been in the Czech Republic for ages.

Plato 12% Alcohol 4.4% vol. IBU 18


Beer light unfiltered

Indian light ale, which has a unique aroma of pine forest and a characteristic of intense hopping. Pine needles and exotic fruits are completed in the pleasant taste of beer. The final chord of the drink is a bright bitterness, born of mixes of American hops. Turbidity and yeast sediment is a natural feature of the product.

Plato 15% Alcohol 5.7% vol. IBU 45

Dark unfiltered beer

"Forest Black IPA" is endowed with a unique pine-berry aroma and characteristic intense hopping. Delicate pine-malt taste with hints of toasted caramel emphasizes the peculiarity of beer. Turbidity and yeast sediment is a natural feature of the product.

Plato 18% Alcohol 7.3% vol. IBU 25

Beer light unfiltered

Special ginger beer in the style of "British Ale", made on the basis of barley and wheat malt with the addition of fresh ginger root. The pale straw color of beer with a white foam cap is combined with a pleasant ginger-fruit aroma, orange, cardamom and ginger flavor. Ginger Ale is not only a sip of energy and vitamins, it is a useful refreshing drink, and also an aphrodisiac! Sediment is a natural feature of the product.

Plato 12% Alcohol 4.8% vol. IBU 14

Beer light unfiltered “Forward”

"Forward" is a refined Belgian-style beer with a centuries-old history. The uniqueness of the drink is manifested in the harmonious relationship between malt, hops and alcohol. It has a delicate taste with spicy, fruity and citrus nuances. Turbidity and yeast sediment are a natural feature of the product.

Plato 19% Alcohol 8% vol. IBU 25

Beer semi-dark unfiltered

"Granat" is a hybrid of two beer worlds. Lightness and weight of barley beer, balanced bitterness with aroma in the style of American Red Lager. The aroma is dominated by a floral bouquet with the character of spices, intertwined with lightly spicy notes. "Granat" - the perfect beer for the beginning of adventures and the first emotions from fragrant American hops.

Plato 14% Alcohol 5.4% vol. IBU 15

Beer dark unfiltered

A special kind of dark beer called black gold. This beer with a thick foam of "coffee with milk", the aroma of which is dominated by a malt base with hints of caramel, coffee and chocolate. The aftertaste is long, caramel-sweet, with a slight bitterness. Porter is devoid of the alcoholic taste of alcohol, and it warms well, which is especially nice after returning from the street. It goes well with chocolate desserts and dark chocolate. Turbidity and yeast sediment is a natural feature of the product.

Plato 15.5% Alcohol 5.8% vol. IBU 20

Beer light unfiltered

Intensely fruity, juicy, with its characteristic turbidity. The real taste of American beer is achieved through repeated hopping at different stages of production. Our brewers make every effort to create an original beer for you with love! Try our novelty, which gives an explosion of fruit flavor!

Plato 15% Alcohol 5.9% vol. IBU 45