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Tavriyskyi Meteorite Alpi

A classic nutty candy in frosting with roasted peanuts.

Sweets “Koralik” orange and mint

The round candies are covered with a crispy sugar glaze, with a creamy chocolate filling with the addition of mint and orange marmalade inside

usaid agro program
Apricot with walnuts Alpi

Apricots with walnuts Alpi in confectionary glaze


Candy "Egg with a surprise "Dino" is a confectionery product made in Ukraine. The candy is packed in a thematic wrapper and has the shape of a dinosaur egg. Inside the egg there is a large line of themed toys suitable for boys and girls. High-quality ingredients on certified imported equipment.

Mayonnaise sauce - 15% Light

The lightest mayonnaise sauce from our line has a fat content of only 15%. Mayonnaise sauce Light - will be appropriate for cooking fasting or dietary dishes in cafes and restaurants that care about taste as well as to save money.

Sweets Nougat with vanilla flavor

Candies glazed with confectionery milk and chocolate glaze. The case is nougat with vanilla aroma.

Dried plum with English walnut

Ingredients: dried plum, molasses, English walnut, black confectionery glaze (cocoa butter substitute, cocoa liquor, sand sugar, emulsifier, chocolate flavoring).

Vegan Cookie YARO

Tender coconut cookies, with date paste, glazed with carob.

Ingredients: Date, coconut, almonds, cocoa butter, carob, cashew nuts, Jerusalem artichoke syrup, coconut sugar, coconut oil, pink Himalayan salt, sunflower lecithin emulsifier.

Dried apricot with almond

Ingredients: dried apricot, molasses, sorbic acid, black confectionery glaze (cocoa butter substitute, cocoa liquor, sand sugar, emulsifier, chocolate flavoring).

usaid agro program
Confectionery paste “Coconut Caramel”, TM Spell 250 g

Ingredients: water, sugar substitute Zusto Gold, coconut cream 24%, coconut oil, emulsifier. Nutritional value of 100 g of the product: protein - 8.0 g, carbohydrates - 46.9 g, fat - 42.5 g, dietary fiber - 2.6 g. Energy value (calories) 591.5 kcal (2465 kJ). Shelf life: 8 months from the date of production. Recommended to store at temperatures from 0 ° C to +23 ° C, away from heat and direct sunlight.

It is recommended to eat no more than 70 g per day.

Marshmallow covered with chocolate with stevia «Pure Delight», 180g «STEVIASUN corp. Ltd»

Light, tender, airy marshmallow with sugar-free stevia. Source of vitamins and minerals. Ingredients: egg white, whey protein, sweetener (fructose, dry stevia extract "Steviasun"), agar-agar, dark chocolate "Steviasun", citric acid.

Glazed jelly candies

Glazed candies with jelly-marmalade filling. Candies with orange aroma. The filling is made of citrus pectin. There are 16 candies in a box

Chocolate Gourmet Sauce

Our stunning portfolio of classic and modern tastes of Gourmet Sauces is specially designed to play a supporting role in ensuring high-quality and consistent performance of desserts, beverages, ice cream and serving dishes. Sweet-Madam's sauces are produced with natural ingredients for giving to the product intensity of taste and aroma

Sweets  “Kudesnitsa”

Gentle crispy waffle made of milk-chocolate filling with the addition of grilling mass, glazed with confectionery glaze.

Glazed orange and lemon 130 grams

Candied orange and lemon slices (which we produce ourselves) in glaze and in convenient packaging. During chanting, we do not use sulfur dioxide (preservative) which can accumulate in the human body. The process of candying occurs at a temperature of 55-60 C, which allows you to save most of the vitamins in the product.

Walnuts in milk cocoa compound

Walnuts in milk glaze.

Willow-herb with red bilberry

Ingredients: Fermented leaves and flowers of rosebay willow-herb, berries and leaves of red bilberry. Multivitamin tea, a powerful source of vitamins. Takes off the weariness and recovers strength. Has a positive effect on treatment of diabetes mellitus, strengthens the immune system, fills the deficiency of vitamins at vitamin insufficiency, lowers temperature at colds well, calms the nervous system. It is an excellent antidepressant. It is highly recommended especially for pregnant women and for children.

It can be brewed up to 3 times. Hand picking. Wild harvest. No caffeine, no flavoring, coloring and preservation agents.

House with a chocolate figures

A small Easter or New Year's gift that has worked well in the European network. The product was created as an alternative to more expensive themed gifts.

Vegan Candy YARO

Date, almonds, cocoa butter, carob, pink Himalayan salt, sunflower lecithin emulsifier

Classic taste of salted caramel with hints of almonds. Unsurpassed taste of salty-sweet taste of walnut and carob glaze.

Mini-bites “Peanuts in glaze”

Candies Mini-bites "Peanuts in the glaze" is a handmade product that has an unusual proportion of 2 components, which gives the product a distinctive taste. We use high quality peanuts and glaze free of trans fats.

Chocolate figures on a straw

“Lollipops” familiar from childhood and mega-popular caramel lollipops already share market share with stick figures actively gaining popularity. They have the same classic taste of chocolate, and differ in a variety of shapes, colors and themes. Their bright appearance, ease of use will make any consumer draw attention to themselves.