CABERNET Chateau Chizay kosher

Volume – 0,75 liters

Alc. – 13,5%

Color - red

Type - dry

Grape variety - Cabernet Sauvignon

The age of the vine - 13 years

The aroma is subtle, pleasant, notes of almond and violet.

Taste - harmonious, floral shades, pleasant tartness

Soft drink

Refreshing "Sitro" in a convenient ON THE GO format (0.5 liter jar). It has a soft and pleasant citrus taste. It is made according to the recipe of the Belarusian company OJSC "Alivaria Brewing Company".

Apple Cider classic, semi-sweet, TM Cidre Royal

Classic cider made exclusively from fermented juice from moderately sweet varieties of apples. It has a golden and transparent color and a bright aroma and taste.


“MEDOVA ROZHEVA” Cikera is a complex, rich in the alcoholic content beverage made from honey and juices of red and black currants, blackberries, and apples. The drink has a rich pink color. The piercing aroma of ripe dark berries, flavored with an apple component, creates a characteristic southern generosity in flavor and aroma. The honeyed flavor notes are balanced and do not provide excessive sweetness.

“MEDOVA ROZHEVA” Cikera is versatile as it is suitable for any time of year, and in the heat of summer, it will bring great pleasure.

Recommended for salads, light dishes of fish, white meat, and seafood. It will also be an excellent accompaniment to desserts and cheese plates.


“MEDOVA CHERVONA” Cikera is an alcoholic beverage made based on honey, juice of cherries, black chokeberry, and apples. The drink has a deep burgundy color. The combination of dark and bright berries gives the drink a tartness. The taste is full-bodied, fresh, and live. “MEDOVA CHERVONA” Cikera holds an excellent balance of acidity. The aroma hits with fruit and berry and floral notes.

Goes well with red meats and spicy dishes. It can be accompanied by cold cuts, grilled vegetables as well as pasta, and lasagna. Perfect for fall and winter evenings.

Flavored semi-sweet white sparkling wine

Light low-carbonated wine with a trendy peach flavor. The wine is bright, brilliantly golden in color with elegant bubbles. The sparkling nature of the wine creates a truly summer mood. Aroma: Fragrant, fresh, full, filled with sweet peach notes. Taste: Pure, bright, with a well-defined taste of peach. The product is intended primarily for female audiences, but also for connoisseurs of soft drinks. An indispensable product for parties and holidays, perfect for romantic evenings in pleasant company.

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Birch sap

Ingredients: natural birch sap (94.4%), sugar (5.5%), acidity regulator (citric acid). Non-GMO.

Honey GOLD Cider is a natural, very expressive, and colorful drink of natural fermentation of linden honey without the addition of alcohol and sugar. It has an intense aroma of linden blossoms, notes of beeswax, and a delicately sweet taste. It has the color of linden honey and golden sun.

"MEDOVA RUBINOVA" Cikera is an alcoholic natural drink made from honey and juices of cherries, black chokeberry, and apples. The berry and fruit character gives it a deep ruby color and southern generosity in flavor. The honey notes are balanced and don't provide excessive sweetness. The drink has a lingering aftertaste and well-balanced acidity.

Fermented apple drink - Black currant with spices, TM Zbiten Zolotonosha

Our distant ancestors loved honey drinks and drank them in large quantities. This is confirmed by ancient recipes in which the ingredients were measured in tens of liters of water and kilograms of honey. One of these honey drinks became known today as ZBITEN. According to the definition given in ancient books and chronicles of the ancient Slavs, ZBITEN is a sweet honey drink, the main component of which is honey. In addition, water, various spices and herbs, including medicinal ones, were used for its preparation.
In 2013, the company’s specialists began to reproduce the drink according to the recipes of our ancestors from raw materials, which are rich in our region — honey, fermented apple juice and medicinal herbs.


“MEDOVA OSOBLYVA” Cikera is an aromatic alcoholic beverage based on linden honey and gooseberry juice. It gives the drink a bright sunny color with green reflections and interesting, rich, incomparable intense flavor. A balanced drink, with pleasant acidity and lingering aftertaste.

“MEDOVA OSOBLYVA” Cikera will be an excellent accompaniment to a summer evening.

Recommended for poultry dishes and cheeses of medium aging.

Rhubarb Sparkling Dry Mead

Bottle fermented dry and sparkling mead. Seasonal fermented rhubarb juice and wildflower honey. Mead has several awards: Open European competition Mead Madness Cup 2019 (Poznan, PL): Gold, Mazer Cup International 2020 (Boulder, US): Gold IWSC 2021 (London, UK): Silver

"MEDOVA KANIVSKA" Cikera is a natural beverage of natural fermentation of linden honey from the Kanivsky mountains without added alcohol and sugar with a restrained perlage. The taste is an intense aroma of flowering linden, hints of beeswax, and refreshing acidity.

Does not contain dyes and food additives.

Made without alcohol and sugar.

Apple Cider with Cherry, TM Cidre Royal

Innovative apple blending cider with addition of cherry and elderberry juice, wine infusion of cloves and cinnamon, which gives an unique taste and aroma.


“MEDOVA VYTRYMANA” Cikera is an alcoholic beverage with a unique flavor, made from linden honey. Lime honey is a valuable source of vitamins, macro, and microelements. As a result, “MEDOVA VYTRYMANA” Cikera is a very expressive colorful drink. The taste has an intense aroma of flowering linden, notes of beeswax, and, in the end, a long aftertaste with velvet bitterness and light sweetness. The color of the linden honey determines the color of the drink.

It is an ideal drink for the cold season.

The drink is aged in oak barrels.

Wine For Friends Cabernet Sauvignon red semi sweet wine 0.75L

Taste: harmonious, balanced, berry and fruit notes are felt, with a persistent aftertaste

Aroma: forest berries of raspberry, blackcurrant, blackberry and ripe plum

Color in the glass: rich ruby red

Composition: Cabernet Sauvignon and a blend of red varieties

Alcohol: 9.5-14.0%

Drinking-medicinal natural mineral water

"Kuyalnik" is a unique Ukrainian spring, the water of which has been used as drinking-medicinal since 1834. Regarding its composition is classified as chloride-sodium water. It has a moderate natural mineralization, which equals 3.0-4.0 g/dm3. "Kuyalnik" is unique in its ability to facilitate the process of digestion.
The water is indispensable for people, who suffer from stomach hypoacidity. In case of hypersensitivity to dairy products "Kuyalnik" may become an alternative to kefir.
One of the properties of "Kuyalnik" is to completely replenish the body's need for salts and thus to quench thirst during the hot season.

Apple Cider Spicy, TM Zbiten Zolotonosha

Blending cider with an individual sweet and spicy sourdough taste. Made by adding honey, spices and a bouquet of herbs to a blending apple cider. It helps improve appetite.

Quince Apple Cider Brut

Bottle fermented, traditional, apple and quince co-fermented cider. This cider has an award: Сider World Award 2021 (Frankfurt, DE): Gold

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Organic Birch sap without sugar with mint 1.0 L (TM ''Spring Drops'')

A sweetish liquid with a greenish hue, which is made by infusing birch sap (Betula pendula) on peppermint (Mentha piperita). It has a refreshing minty taste and smell. Contains only 4 kcal per 100 grams of the product. Used as a therapeutic and preventive measure in Eastern Europe. It has wide application in some lung diseases, bronchitis, as a v-strengthening agent. Birch sap has a cleansing, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, promotes the rapid release of the body of metabolic products, and is valuable in intoxication caused by a violation of metabolic processes in the body.

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Organic Birch sap without sugar with nettle infusion 1.0 L (TM ''Spring Drops'')

A sweetish liquid with a greenish tint, which is made by infusion of birch sap (Betula pendula) on the nettle (Urtica dioica L). Has a characteristic taste and smell of nettle infusion. Combines therapeutic properties of nettle and birch sap. In particular nettle infusion is recommended for pulmonary, hemorrhoids, intestinal bleeding. Used as a general tonic. Birch sap has a cleansing, anti-inflammatory, diuretic effect, promotes the rapid release of the body of metabolic products, and is valuable in intoxication caused by a violation of metabolic processes in the body.