Croissant with cherry filling, 45 g

Croissant with cherry filling, ready-to-eat

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Three seven-layer crispy wafers with rich lemon filling.

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Wafer rolls

Crispy rolls with rich and at the same time gentle chocolate cream.

Wafers “Wafer roll” with chocolate flavored filling

Wafer roll decorated with brown stripe, with chocolate flavored filling


Molded cookies. Dry, crispy

Cracker with the Cheddar cheese flavour “Yarych”

Mini-crackers are a great alternative to chips and popcorn! Crispy, fragrant, tender, melting in the mouth with a bright snack of Cheddar cheese.

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Wafer rolls

Crispy wafer rolls with a delicate milk cream filling.

Wafer candy «SAFARI CLUB»

Glazed waffle candies

Semi-sweet bisquits “Mini ABC “Yarych”

Semi-sweet bisquits in the form of letters of the English alphabet. Delicate creamy taste and aroma. You can savor milk as a dry breakfast.

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Chocolatey coated wafer bar

Wafer bar with toffee filling, covered with dark compound chocolate

Croissant with cocoa cream filling, 40 g

Croissant with cocoa cream filling, ready-to-eat


Molded cookies in caramel glaze

Biscuit «TREFFI» in milk glaze

The sandwich cookies covered with milk confectionery icing

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Wafer candies

The crispy wafers is covered with chocolate with milk cream

Butter cookies «With Chocolate», 300g «STEVIASUN corp. Ltd »

Butter cookies with chocolate taste and aroma. Ingredients: wheat flour of the 1st and 2nd grades, sunflower oil, sugar substitute (fructose syrup, stevia extract thick "Steviasun"), bran, cocoa powder, wheat germ, lactitol, dark chocolate "Steviasun", vanilla, soda food.

Cookies long

Prolonged fructose “Prince Diet” cookies, dietary, recommended for type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients.

Salty Waffles “Royal Crisp” with cheese or tomato

Royal Crisp is crispy salted waffle chips with natural tomato or cheese powder. Which we by the way don’t fry but bake, what makes less fat in a product. Our waffles are great for a day snack and an alternative for existing baksts.

Cooked gingerbread

Custard gingerbread can be called a generous, rich treat. They combine all the best and subtlest flavors. They are made in the form of gingerbread bars, covered with dark confectionery glaze and decorated with white.

It tastes like chocolate bitterness and milky softness. In addition, the sweetness is shaded by a fruit filling with a pleasant sourness, and a special spiciness of taste is added by spices: coriander, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and anise.

Weight: 0,6 kg; 1,3 kg; 3,0 kg; 0,25 kg; 0,3 kg

Strudel with cherries

Strudel is made of puff pastry with crisp and poppy seeds.

The delicate cherry filling will leave a pleasant aftertaste and will appeal to both children and adults.

Wafers Pichinger caramels

Homemade waffles with tender caramel and milk filling.

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Crispy nine-layer wafers with gentle milk cream