Cake “Owl BeBe” with chocolate filling

Cakes in the shape of owl with chocolate filling.

It is also made with the following fillings: apple-cherry, apple-strawberry, apple-peach

Jelly candies

Jelly candies are made from natural citrus pectin. In one package - four different flavors - apple, apricot, black currant, strawberry.

Puff cookies “LopoUSHKI” sugared

Puff cookies with sugar topping

French baguette

Semi-Baguette French is a delicious baguette with a light, porous crumb and a crispy crust.

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Milla crispy strawberry 23 g

Waffle bar with delicate creamy strawberry filling based on natural strawberry powder with the addition of rice krispies in a white glaze with strawberry crunchies.

Cookies long

Prolonged fructose “Prince Diet” cookies, dietary, recommended for type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients.

Milk Wow Glazed Creamy Candy

Glazed wafer candy with cream in milk and chocolate glaze.


The ciabatta is soft and refined. It has a porous internal texture and a thin crisp crust.

Sugar cookies “Be healthy” with baked milk flavor

Delicious cookies with the aroma of baked milk.

Cracker with basil and garlic

Mini-crackers are a great alternative to chips and popcorn! Crispy, fragrant, delicate, melting mouth with a vibrant snack taste and natural basil and garlic.

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Wafer rolls

Crispy wafer rolls with a delicate milk cream filling.

Cookies with candied fruits, Smakuli TM

Handmade “With candied fruits” gluten and lactose free cookies

With natural candied fruits added, without synthetic flavors and dyes.

Wafers Pichinger caramels

Homemade waffles with tender caramel and milk filling.

Wafers Pichinger with condensed milk flavor

Homemade waffles with tender caramel-milk filling with the taste of baked milk

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Glazed waffle sandwich with a thick layer of filling with the addition of natural coffee.

No analogues on the market.

Package options:

- screen - 1,3 kg

- stabilopack - 180 g

Strudel with cherries

Strudel is made of puff pastry with crisp and poppy seeds.

The delicate cherry filling will leave a pleasant aftertaste and will appeal to both children and adults.

Chocolate bar with coconut filling in chocolate-milk glaze.

Butter biscuits

This dessert will appeal to both children and parents. The basis of its confectionery composition combines classic ingredients: butter cookies with vanilla-creamy taste and jelly filling with strawberry flavor. But the shape of the sweets is quite unusual - made in the form of strawberries with a bright red jelly center, decorated with black sesame seeds.

Cookies are both pleasing to the eye and pleasant to the taste.

Weight: 1,3 kg; 3,0 kg; 0,2 kg; 0,4 kg

Crazy Nut

Bar made of soft caramel and peanut in milk and chocolate glaze

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Lollipops Rooster

Handmade ecological caramel candy on a stick in the form of "Cockerel". Produced in industrial quantities. It has a balanced taste without flavorings. Flavor additives can also be included in the recipe according to the customer's order. The shape of the candy makes it an emotional product that sells well. Different packaging options make products right for sales in supermarket chains and online stores.

Butter cookies «With Chocolate», 300g «STEVIASUN corp. Ltd »

Butter cookies with chocolate taste and aroma. Ingredients: wheat flour of the 1st and 2nd grades, sunflower oil, sugar substitute (fructose syrup, stevia extract thick "Steviasun"), bran, cocoa powder, wheat germ, lactitol, dark chocolate "Steviasun", vanilla, soda food.