Dishes with corn flour, thanks to the content of slow carbohydrates, quickly and for a long time overcome the feeling of hunger. Your products will have not only a unique taste and rich color, but also exceptional useful properties. In addition, it does not contain gluten, unlike most cereals.

Oatmeal Premium №3

Oatmeal - a useful classic, rich in vitamin complex, minerals, organic acids and proteins.


Using buckwheat flour in cooking, you will not only add new flavors to the cake, but also fill it with vitamins, minerals and valuable proteins. In addition, it does not contain gluten, unlike most of cereals.

San Grano Granola Nuts-honey

San Grano Granola – the best choice for classic breakfast. Without palm oil, without dyes and preservatives, 3 classic taste:

  • Nuts-honey
  • Citrus
  • Chocolate
YUMMOJI Cocoa Balls

Cocoa Balls crispy cereal balls provide a fun, easy breakfast with a great chocolate flavor that kids love.
Benefiting from 65% cereals, NO palm oil, NO artificial colors and flavors, they give you energy and a great mood in the morning.


WOWOATS – brand of gluten free oat flakes. Created for people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Collection consists of 5 tastes:

  • JUMBO - gluten free whole grain oat flakes
  • WHOLEGRAIN - gluten free instant whole grain oat flakes
  • ORIGINAL - gluten free instant cut oat flakes
  • SUPERFOOD - gluten free instant cut oat flakes with oat bran, goji berries, flax and chia seeds
  • FRUITBERRY - gluten free instant cut oat flakes with pineapples, dates, bananas, cranberries and blueberries
Dobrodiya Buckwheat with mushrooms

Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms from Dobrodiya is a classic home-made Ukrainian dish, which is a great alternative to dinner in lunch pails.

San Grano EXTRA

SAN GRANO – brand of instant cereal flakes with a European concept.

- EXTRA – instant cut oat flakes

- OMEGA - instant cut oat flakes with flax seeds

- POWER – mix of instant cut cereal flakes – oat, barley, wheat

Dobrodiya Oatmeal with blueberries

Oatmeal with blueberries from Dobrodiya is a classic sweet breakfast for those who value their time and want to charge their body with energy for the whole day. 

Delicate instant oat flakes

Classic cut quick-to-make oat flakes with melting creamy texture and pleasant taste. 

Dobrodiya Seven-grain cereal

Composition of 7 different grains for fast and wealthy breakfast or side-dish for dinner for whole family which takes only 5 – 7 minutes.

BONLIFE Wheat flour 1 kg

Unlock the essence of baking excellence with BONLIFE premium wheat flour. Sourced
from the sun-soaked fields of Ukraine, it is milled to perfection, ensuring superior texture and
taste in every recipe. From fluffy bread to delicate pastries, elevate your baking creations with
our finest quality wheat flour. Purchase BONLIFE Premium Wheat Flour and let your baking
dreams rise to new heights!