HD-group - a national group of companies, which includes grain processing enterprises; bakery and flour confectionery plants; jam and jam factory; groceries. Unique is the offer for customers the opportunity to work with one supplier on a wide range of food products, at direct prices from the manufacturer. Consolidated shipments.

Annual sales: $ 67.5 million

Annual export sales: $ 1 million



Raspberry sterilized jam of the highest grade

The jam is made of juicy raspberries made in Ukraine and packaged in glass containers without preservatives, which contributes to long shelf life. This technology of jam production preserves all the useful properties of raspberries, which makes our jam not just delicious, but very useful for various preventions. The jam is intended for sale in retail chains, as the packaging has an aesthetic appearance.

Fruit and berry jam

Jam - canned oily consistency, obtained from grated fruits, berries and (or) fruits, cooked with sugar with the addition of gelling substances, food acids, spices.

This type of packaging is economical. Designed for implementation in retail chains and final consumption.

“Caramel” syrup pasteurized, transparent on flavorings

Designed to improve the taste and aromatic properties of cold drinks and cocktails. Also may be added to hot drinks, giving the coffee flavor a caramel note. The main area of application is HoReCa.

Filler topping

Topping is intended for use in confectionery desserts decoration. Used for watering ice cream.

Oatmeal in a glass

Our line of oatmeal cups with various additions is the perfect invention of nowadays. Flakes in a cup is not only convenient, but also tasty and useful. For a great snack, you will need to fill them with hot water and let infuse a bit. These are the sweets that have a very positive impact on the figure.

Oatmeal Premium №3

Oatmeal - a useful classic, rich in vitamin complex, minerals, organic acids and proteins.

Corn biscuits

Friable cookies of bright yellow color from a mixture of premium corn and wheat flour. Hearty, healthy and fragrant product. Crispy biscuits with an unusual taste.

Gingerbread with cherry flavor filling

Product with refreshing aromatic cherry filling, sugar glaze coated. Our products are distinguished by expressive taste and refined aroma. Soft and tender gingerbread cookies are perfect for tea and coffee. A delicious treat and a feast of taste for the sweet tooth.

Honey Gingerbread

Gingerbread with honey and spices: ground cloves and cinnamon, covered with white glaze. The secret to our gingerbread are perfect dough, uniqe taste and pleasant aroma. Our main emphasis on quality: only the best ingredients are included, gingerbreads are delicious and gently melt in the mouth.

Oatmeal biscuits

One of the most popular type of biscuits with cinnamon. Dessert with a special flavor and bright aroma. Fragrant, soft, healthy, moderately sweet. Light and nutritious snack, a great addition to tea.