Meat Processing Plant "YATRAN" ALC

Meat Processing Plant "YATRAN" ALC is one of the largest meat processing companies in Ukraine, it’s one of the main features is innovation, high quality of fresh meat, and exceptional taste of meat products.
The modern slaughterhouse operating on the FSSC 22000 quality system provides the opportunity to supply only high-quality pork and beef to business partners. In 2021 the McDonald's audit was successfully passed giving the chance to become their official partner in the supply of beef, pork, and bacon.

The product range of Meat Processing Plant “Yatran” includes raw smoked, smoked, boiled, cooked-smoked, semi-smoked, cooked, and cured meat products.



Smoked and Boiled Pork Bacon

Boiled and smoked pork bacon – is classic pork bacon with multi-purpose gastronomic use. Ingredients: pork (brisket), salt, sugar, dextrose, flavor enhancer 621, flavoring "Ham".

Dry pork bacon

Dry pork bacon – is classic pork bacon with multi-purpose gastronomic use. Ingredients: pork (brisket), sea salt, smoke flavor, antioxidant sodium isoascorbate, starting culture of microorganisms.

Pepperoni sausage for pizza smoked slicing

Ingredients: chicken fillet, chicken meat, sausage fat, salt, wheat fiber, delicacy paprika, spicy-aromatic mixture, black pepper, paprika, chili pepper, garlic, cumin, coriander), antioxidant E300, E316)), functional

mixture (wheat and rice fiber, stabilizer E450, acidity regulator E500), glucose, flavor enhancer E621, garlic, rosemary extract, and starting culture of microorganisms.

Sausages boiled, frozen

Ingredients: raw meat - 93% (semi-fat pork, first and top-grade beef, sausage lard, chicken meat), water, milk, salt, egg, spices (white pepper, mustard, ginger, allspice, cardamom), dextrose, antioxidant E300, sucrose, spice extracts (black pepper, nutmeg, nutmeg, allspice)), flavor enhancer E6.

Ham boiled

Ingredients: pork - 100%, water, spicy-aromatic mixture, maltodextrin, dextrose, spices (mustard, white pepper, ginger, marjoram, allspice), hydrolysis corn protein, antioxidant E316, flavor enhancer E621, spice extracts (juniper, black pepper, white pepper, coriander, nutmeg, nutmeg), flavorings of ham, apple, maple syrup and lemon, potato starch, potato starch sodium, carmine dye.