Chumak Fruit Smoothie Variety

"Fruzi" is a mix of natural fruits, vegetables and berries. 100% quality product, no added sugar or water. The Fruzi Pyramids are specially designed for children, so that they can replenish their energy and vitamins at any time, eating fruit food for superheroes. 100% natural

Brut Rose Sparkling  Wine

Brut rose sparkling wine.

Grapes: Pinot Noir.

Color: Light pink.

Alcohol content: 10.0-14.0%.

Feed temperature: 7-9 ° C.

Aroma: Red berries - cherries and currants.

Taste: Light and delicate.

Volume: 0.75 liters.

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Elderflower drink

Ingredients: water, sugar (7.4%), natural extract of elderberry flowers, elderberry flowers, acidity regulator (citric acid). Non-GMO

PINOT GRIGIO with Lime and Mint

Light white wine from the eponymous Grape Pinot Grigio has a spicy taste with notes of fruit and citrus. Combined with juicy lime and fragrant mint, the wine reveals all its charms, giving a refreshing pleasure, and perfectly quenches thirst. It tastes best chilled to 8-12 ˚C.

Volume – 0,75 liters

Alc. – 10,5%

Sugar - 55 g / l

Color - White

Grape variety - Pinot Grigio

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Birch sap

Ingredients: natural birch sap (94.4%), sugar (5.5%), acidity regulator (citric acid). Non-GMO.

ROSE with Grapefruit

Rose wine with grapefruit is a wonderful combination of exquisite rosé wine from Pinot Noir grapes and juicy grapefruit, which together form a bright bouquet. Taste of the wine is mild, with light fruity notes, moderately sweet, with a pleasant freshness of grapefruit. It tastes best chilled to 8-12 ˚C.

Volume – 0,75 liters

Alc. – 10,5%

Sugar - 55 g / l

Color - Pink

Grape variety - Pinot Noir

SHABO Special Edition Muscat Sparkling white semi-sweet wine

From a collection of natural sparkling wines with a light aging, by European technology CHARMAT LUNGO. Created in the "Shabo House of Sparkling Wines" from its own grapes of the Shabo terroir (Ukraine).

SHABO is a distinctive terroir of Europe, 1200 hectares of vineyards located on the famous "grape latitude", divided into mini and micro plots with highly valuable soils. Mild oceanic climate of southern Ukraine, a favorable location between the Black Sea and the Dnister liman, unique sandy soils with limestone and clean steppe air create ideal conditions for growing grapes and creating high-quality SHABO wines.

Sparkling wines from the Special Edition collection, as well as the majority of Italian dry and semi-sweet sparkling wines, are created according to the European technology Charmat and reflect the world trend of light elegant sparkling wines with light aging.

International experts of SARL Derenoncourt (France) control all stages of production.

Grapes: Muskat Ottonel

Production technologies: modern technology CHARMAT LUNGO with additional aging of at least 6 months in modern acratophores on a fine yeast sediment (method sur lie).

The Charmat Lungo technology, like the classic method of champagnization in the bottle, involves natural secondary fermentation, the role of the bottle is played by closed containers - acrotophores of the new generation, allowing to create elegant sparkling wines with light aging.

Color: Bright light straw

Alcohol content: 10.5-13.5 %

Serving Temperature: +6˚С - +8˚С

Aroma: subtle with dominant nutmeg tones and light floral notes of tea rose. The secondary aroma is mineral, creamy with citrus notes.

Flavor: Rounded, lingering with a perfect balance between sweetness and freshness. Light fruity aftertaste

Food pairing: Fresh fruits, cheese, desserts

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Malatko Juice (Apple-Grape)

Malatko baby juices are made from natural fruits and vegetables, following the unique formulations with due account for the peculiarities of child’s body.
They are characterized by the lowest possible level of sugar, as well as its complete absence, complete with the high content of natural vitamins and microelements for proper growth and development of a baby.

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Dried fruits drink “Uzvar”

Ingredients: infusion of spicy-flavored dried fruits 36% (apples, pears, prunes), water, sugar, acidity regulator (citric acid). Non-GMO.