Ukrproduct Group

Ukrproduct Group is a leading producer of high-quality branded dairy products and kvass, which have been successfully sold in Ukraine and in foreign markets for more than 20 years. The company is in the TOP-3 producers of processed cheeses, in the TOP-5 companies of producers of butter and spreads, as well as in the top five producers of kvass.


Sweet cream butter 82,5% (72,6%)

Butter is made on modern equipment, by whipping cream. Due to this, the product has a perfect consistency and unsurpassed taste.

Blended butter, Spread

It is a modern nutritious product with a European level of quality and a well-balanced combination of milk fats and vegetable oil.

Processed Cheese Cheddario

Made from high quality hard cheeses without added flavors and colors. This is a taste familiar to everyone from childhood, a delicious and nutritious product.

Processed Chesse Product Gouda

Saturated cheese taste, delicate texture. Suitable for a quick breakfast, delicious salads and nutritious meals.

Processed Cheese

It is made on the basis of natural butter and cheese without the addition of vegetable fats.

Live kvass, Sydrovyk, Raspberry, TM

All drinks of TM "Arseniyivsky" are made exclusively from natural components according to traditional recipes thanks to what they keep the maximum amont of microelements and vitamins.

Cheese Cream Product

Made on the basis of sour milk cheese. This product is a great alternative to expensive cream cheeses. Ideal for making sauces, desserts and rolls.

Smoked sausage processed cheeses

The cheese is made only from natural ingredients: hard cheese, butter.

Hard Cheese

Traditional Dutch production technology. Thanks to special leavens, the cheese has a dense but at the same time quite elastic consistency. It has a delicious cheese taste with a slight sourness.

Skimmed milk powder, 25 kg

Powdered milk is made from natural pasteurized milk by condensing and drying in special devices. Thanks to this technology, milk powder retains almost all the useful properties.