Sweets "Karakum Desert"


Sweets "Karakum Desert"


Glazed praline sweets with addition of waffle crumbs with light milk taste.

Additional info
Net weight: 1 kg
Type of packaging: bag, corrugated box
Quantity of pieces in multiple-unit package: 6
Weight of multiple-unit package: 6 kg
Shelf life: 9 months
Storage temperature max (°C): t(18±3)ºC
Storage conditions: store at t(18±3)C° and relative humidity of the air not higher than 75 %
Energy value per 100 g of product: 540 kcal (2,258 kJ)
Nutrition Facts (Food value) per 100 g of product: proteins – 4.1 g; fats – 28.4 g; carbohydrates – 65.0 g.

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