Arkmen, LLC

Arkmen is a dynamically developing company that specializes in the production of nuts. In our assortment: walnuts in chocolate, clusters with peanuts, fruits, coconut, chocolate bars with nuts, salt and pepper walnuts, raw walnuts. All products are packed in a modern, attractive package.


Walnuts in white compound

Walnuts in white glaze.

Walnuts in milk cocoa compound

Walnuts in milk glaze.

Walnuts in dark cocoa compound

Walnuts in dark glaze.

Walnuts - raw

Walnuts - raw, peeled

Rice puffs clusters with milk cocoa compound

Clusters with aerial rice and milk chocolate frosting.

Peanut clusters with white compound

Peanut clusters with white glaze

Coco clusters with dark cocoa compound

Coconut clusters with dark chocolate frosting.