Magic Mozaic

The company has been on the market for 20 years, and has 200 employees.

The main line of business is the manufacture of original, high-quality confectionery products.

Our assortment includes more than 40 types of products. Which are being sold in Ukraine and in 10 European countries.

Modern equipment makes it possible to produce cookies that meet all European quality standards.

The enterprise is certified according to the international system ISO 22000.

Company's products were awarded at international tasting competitions.



«Biscuit Monsters» with vanilla flavour

Vanilla biscuit sandwich in the form of a stick with a delicate cream filling, which makes up 31% of the total product, is made on the basis of coconut oil and natural dairy products.

There are three flavors in the assortment: banana, vanilla, chocolate.

Each product is individually wrapped (foil or film), with colorful magic monsters.

They can be a sweet toy for toddlers.

Weight in a box is 1.3 kg; 0.4 kg; 0.5 kg.

Piece and weight sale


Delicate sandwich biscuits with double filling - creamy souffle and cherry jam.

Shortbread biscuits of chocolate color, have a cracked surface.

Airy soufflé based on condensed milk, tastes like ice cream, and cherry jam adds piquancy to the product.

An incredible combination of flavors.

Two pieces of biscuits in a transparent package.

Weight in a box 1.5 kg; 0.42kg.

«Strawberry Kha-khatun»

Funny biscuit sandwich - two delicate biscuits with the image of a jelly smiley, which are connected with a souffle filling based on natural dairy products with the addition of agar-agar.

The line includes a whole family of merry people: strawberries, peaches, chocolate, condensed milk.

Sandwiches are packed in two units in a transparent package.

Ha-Hatun is a great opportunity to make friends.

Weight in a box 1.7 kg; 0.36 kg.

«Red velvet» with plombiere flavour

Sandwich with classic cherry flavor and aroma.

Round cookies have a cracked surface, burgundy color, using a natural dye - carmine.

The product is complemented by a souffle filling with a creamy ice cream flavor.

Two-piece biscuits in a transparent package.

These are real mini cakes that will give you a festive mood!

Weight in a box 1.7 kg; 0.38kg.


Flavored leaf-shaped shortbread biscuits based on natural dairy products.

Generously sprinkled with icing sugar and vanilla.

The taste of the product is reminiscent of grandmother's homemade pastries.

Weight in a box 3 kg; 1 kg; 0.4kg.

Weight and packaged sale (300 grams).

«Super bone»

Shortbread biscuits based on natural dairy products, enveloped in white and dark glaze, which gives a chocolate taste.

The original shape of the product - a bone, makes it interesting and attractive.

Weight in a box 3 kg; 0.4 kg.

Weight and packaged sale (300 grams)


Unsweetened shortbread cookies with sunflower and flax seeds.

It has the shape of a mini heart, very light, there are a lot of pieces in one kilogram.

Cookies with turmeric and cereal flavors.

Natural, tasty, healthy, lean!

Weight in a box 2 kg; 0.5kg.

Weight and packaged sale.

«Breakfast at tiffanyʹs»

Product alike to chocolate dessert, based on shortbread crumbs completely covered with dark glaze and sprinkled with chopped peanuts.

It has a very refined shape and a delicate caramel filling inside.

Weight in a box 2 kg; 0.8 kg.

«Americaner» with condensed milk flavour

The classic Americaner is a cracked shortbread cookie.

There are two flavors in the assortment: chocolate and condensed milk.

Cookies with the addition of black icing in the form of splinters, which gives the product a bright chocolate flavor.

Weight in a box 1.7 kg; 0.5.

Weight and packaged sale.

«Сaprice» with plombiere flavour

A sandwich based on crunchy sugar biscuits of golden or chocolate color, covered in dark glaze with a delicate airy filling - souffle. The filling is based on natural condensed milk. Product is very similar to ice cream. Trendy diverse assortment with flavors: classic ice cream, caramel, wild berries, cherries, mandarin, mango, berry cheesecake. Has an incredible aroma and taste. Weight in a box 2 kg; 1.6 kg; 0.42 kg. Piece and weight sale.