Dear colleagues,

Despite the full-scale invasion of Ukraine almost a year ago, Ukrainian companies do not stop on their way. Despite the fact that there were problems with logistics, processing requests and production, each producer, which is placed on the Ukrainian Food Platform, continues to establish export activities, find new contacts and, of course, improve its production technologies.

Our companies show every day that Ukraine can and knows how to produce high-quality and tasty products. The U-Food Association does everything possible to facilitate exports for producers, that is why we plan many trade missions and exhibitions abroad. By the way, you can view the list of trade missions and exhibitions on our main website or on our social networks.

In order to effectively maintain contact with all importers who are looking for food manufacturers in Ukraine, we ask you to send requests for the products you are interested in to our email address. We will help you contact the company and quickly agree on all the necessary details for further cooperation.

Email to contact - [email protected]


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