Odessa Prestige Saperavi red dry wine 0.75L

Taste: rich and well-balanced, with velvety tannins, berry-fruity, and chocolate nuances can be traced in the long aftertaste

Aroma: prune and berry jam

Color in the glass: dark ruby

Composition: Saperavi

Alcohol: 9.5-14.0%

Sugar content: no more than 3.0%

Perfectly combined with: red meat dishes, poultry

Odessa Prestige Chardonnay white dry wine 0.75L

Taste: fresh, with a good balance of fruit and acidity, floral-fruity, with a pleasant aftertaste

Aroma: bright, filled with shades of white flowers, tropical fruits and caramel

Color in the glass: golden-straw

Composition: Chardonnay, blend of white varieties

Alcohol: 9.5 - 14.0%

Perfectly combined with: cream cheeses, various desserts, pastries, chocolate fondant.

Odessa Prestige brut white 0.75L

Bouquet: fruity with shades of pear and peach, acacia, white flowers

Taste: soft, fresh with nuances of ripe summer fruits, balanced

Aroma: thin, clean, elegant mineral tones

Color in the glass: light straw

Ingredients: Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc

Alcohol: 10.5-12.5%

Sugar content: no more than 1.5%

Perfectly combined with: oysters and other molluscs, marine white fish.

French Boulevard brandy 3 years old 0.5L

Bouquet: has a pleasant harmonious bouquet with light floral and vanilla tones, harmonious taste.

Ingredients: cognac alcohols, average age of at least 4 years.

Alcohol content: 40%.

French Boulevard Special Edition white medium dry wine 0.75L

Bouquet: pronounced aroma of fruits warmed by the sun and shades of flower nectars

Taste: multifaceted, fresh, mature, with fruity and floral notes

Aroma: shades of meadow flowers and herbs, which complement subtle fruity and woody nuances

Color in the glass: light straw

Composition: Sauvignon, Aligote, Rkatsiteli, Fetyaska

Alcohol: 10.5-12.5%

Ideal with: white meat dishes, vegetables, gourmet appetizers, seafood salads, fresh fruits and desserts

Odessa white semi sweet sparkling wine 0.75L

Bouquet: developed, thin, with hints of duchess and flowers

Taste: fresh, harmonious, floral with acidity

Aroma: gentle fruity, berry

Color in the glass: light straw

Ingredients: Chardonnay, Riesling

Alcohol: 10.5-12.5%

Sugar content: 5-6.5%

French Boulevard Grande Cuvee white semi sweet sparkling wine 0.75L

Bouquet: the bouquet combines the aromas of white lilies, meadow flowers and ripe pear

Taste: multifaceted, with pleasant sweetness, fruity and floral notes

Aroma: floral, citrus and berry shades predominate

Color in the glass: light straw

Ingredients: selective cuvee of grape varieties Aligote, Sauvignon, Feteasca, Traminer

Alcohol: 10.5-12.5%

Sugar content: 6.0-6.5%

Ideal with: Desserts - cakes, marshmallows, cakes, fresh berries

Directly squeezed apple juice, TM

Directly squeezed apple juice - 100% apple juice. Without pulp.

Without added water, sugar, preservatives, or dyes. GMO-free.