Lvivske Eksportowe Beer

Lviv Eksportowe: revival of the legendary variety of the early XX century. TM "Lvivske" presents a new variety in its product line - Lvivske Eksportowe

Lviv Eksportowe has a fresh taste with a pleasant hop bitterness and a fruity-spicy taste with a sweet tinge.

Lvivske 1715 Beer

Lvivske 1715 is a light beer of impeccable quality, based on three hundred years of traditions and even older secrets of Lviv breweries. The secrets of the ancient recipe were passed from mouth to mouth from father to son. A light intoxicating drink with a pure malt aroma and unique taste will be a real discovery for all lovers of classics and ancient traditions.

"Lev Temne" is a dark beer, which thanks to a special technology of roasting malt has a light caramel taste in combination with a pleasant hop bitterness with a light sweet taste.

Robert Doms Belgiysky Beer

"Robert Doms Belgian" is a light unfiltered beer with a mild malty taste, characterized by a sweet wheat hue and a light spicy-fruity taste. The novelty is cooked according to the recipe using a special malt of European origin "Belgium Pilsner Malt", which qualitatively affects the taste, aroma and color of the drink.

Slavutich ICE Mix Lime Beer

ICE Mix Lime - a beer with an unusual fresh taste and sweet aroma of green lime, made exclusively from natural ingredients.

Ice Mix Lime - easily refreshes you in the summer heat.

Cherry professional bar Syrup

Significant product is produced of natural components only. Amazing collection of premium syrups that are ideal for any beverages. Choose the best flavours to create perfectly tasty lemonades, additions to coffee, cocktails, frappes, smoothies or milk beverages.

Live kvass, Sydrovyk, Raspberry, TM

All drinks of TM "Arseniyivsky" are made exclusively from natural components according to traditional recipes thanks to what they keep the maximum amont of microelements and vitamins.