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Beer light non-alcoholic unfiltered "Zero"

Beer light non-alcoholic unfiltered "Zero"


Expressive IPA with the taste of cranberries and hops, but without alcohol? Yes! This is possible due to the author's method of brewing soft beer. The aroma of hops from the USA and low alcohol content makes it expressive and drinkable.

Plato 7% Alcohol 0.5% vol. IBU 12

Additional info
Net weight: 0,5 l
Type of packaging: Glass bottle
Quantity of pieces in multiple-unit package: 12
Weight of multiple-unit package: 7,56 kg
Shelf life: 180 days
Storage temperature max (°C): 5 - 25°С
Energy value per 100 g of product: 113 kj / 27 kcal
Nutrition Facts (Food value) per 100 g of product: Carbohydrates – 4,6 – 5,0 g; fat - 0 g; saturated fats - 0 g; sugar – 1,8 g; proteins – 0,4 g; salt - less – 0,1 g

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