Sweets  “Kudesnitsa”

Gentle crispy waffle made of milk-chocolate filling with the addition of grilling mass, glazed with confectionery glaze.

Glazed orange and lemon 130 grams

Candied orange and lemon slices (which we produce ourselves) in glaze and in convenient packaging. During chanting, we do not use sulfur dioxide (preservative) which can accumulate in the human body. The process of candying occurs at a temperature of 55-60 C, which allows you to save most of the vitamins in the product.

Vegan Candy YARO

Date, almonds, cocoa butter, carob, pink Himalayan salt, sunflower lecithin emulsifier

Classic taste of salted caramel with hints of almonds. Unsurpassed taste of salty-sweet taste of walnut and carob glaze.

House with a chocolate figures

A small Easter or New Year's gift that has worked well in the European network. The product was created as an alternative to more expensive themed gifts.

Walnuts in milk cocoa compound

Walnuts in milk glaze.

Mini-bites “Peanuts in glaze”

Candies Mini-bites "Peanuts in the glaze" is a handmade product that has an unusual proportion of 2 components, which gives the product a distinctive taste. We use high quality peanuts and glaze free of trans fats.

Set “4 chocolate spoons”

Our chocolate spoons are an exquisite and unobtrusive dessert that you will definitely enjoy.

They are excellent for tea, coffee and cocoa, and they also diversify the taste and serving of ice cream. The set can be an original addition to your gift for any event of the year. Our packaging is designed to maintain the integrity of each spoon.

Korolivskyi horishok (King’s nut)

Ingredients: confectionery fat, condensed milk, hazelnuts, cognac, black confectionery glaze (cocoa butter substitute, cocoa liquor, sand sugar, emulsifier, chocolate flavoring).

Chocolate figures on a straw

“Lollipops” familiar from childhood and mega-popular caramel lollipops already share market share with stick figures actively gaining popularity. They have the same classic taste of chocolate, and differ in a variety of shapes, colors and themes. Their bright appearance, ease of use will make any consumer draw attention to themselves.

Aerated butter biscuits

The company’s trademark is biscuits “Delicia”.

Conciseness of a round shape, incredible, unusual taste of the whipped base and the spiciness of the jelly filler.

The assortment line includes the following types of buttery whipped cookies:

- with the taste of cherries in a dark glaze

- with the taste of orange in a dark glaze

- with a taste of cappuccino in a dark glaze with white decor

- with the taste of cherries in milk glaze

Weight: 0,5 kg; 1,0 kg; 3,0 kg; 0,135 kg; 0,3 kg

usaid agro program
Cream - paste with cocoa and hazelnuts, TM

Ingredients: sugar, unhydrated sunflower oil, fats (palm and palm kernel oil), hazelnut 18%, skimmed milk powder, milk whey powder, cocoa butter, modified starch, emulsifier: soy lecithin, E 471, salt.

usaid agro program
Cream - pistachio paste, TM

Ingredients: sugar, pistachio 30%, vegetable oil (sunflower and palm), skimmed milk powder, whey, cocoa butter, thickener: corn starch, emulsifier: soya lecithin, vanillin, salt.

Semi-sweet bisquits with sunflower oil Classic Maria “Yarych”

The Classic Maria bisquits recipe was upgraded by replacing palm oil with high-oleic sunflower, which has several advantages, including:

- reduces the level of harmful cholesterol;

- enhances the body's immune defenses;

- has a rejuvenating effect because it contains a lot of vitamin E;

- prevents the development of atherosclerosis, thrombophlebitis, chronic diseases of organs such as liver, lungs, stomach;

- participates in the exchange of proteins and carbohydrates;

- Improves memory and much more.

Butter biscuits

Miniature ribbed bar of butter biscuit with spicy cherry or apple jam. A great choice for those who like a combination of classics and the opportunity to vary - it's always new and at the same time well-known taste.

Delicacies are offered: with dark and white decor or without it.

Weight: 0,6 kg; 1,1 kg; 1,2; 3,5 kg; 0,17 kg; 0,25 kg; 0,5 kg

Cracker with bacon and Habanero pepper flavor “Yarych”

Mini-crackers are a great alternative to chips and popcorn! Crispy, fragrant, tender, melting in the mouth with a vibrant snack of bacon and habanero pepper.

Baltic bread

Baltic custard bread is made on the basis of high quality rye and wheat flour and malt. The bread includes useful flattened rye grain, which has a positive effect on the human body and contains a large amount of magnesium and iron.

The product has a bright taste and aroma.

Butter biscuits “Super-Star”

Concise and beautiful in its simplicity cookies that will not only attract adults and children with their appearance, but also enchant everyone with their taste.

It combines brown butter dough with the addition of cocoa powder, which forms the basis of sweets, and a gentle soft white confectionery glaze with the taste of coconut, which generously fills the middle of the cookies.

Weight: 1,0 kg; 3,0 kg; 0,15 kg; 0,4 kg

French baguette

Semi-Baguette French is a delicious baguette with a light, porous crumb and a crispy crust.

2go Croissants with orange filling

TM "2go" croissants are a delicious and filling snack.

Made on German equipment using high quality raw materials.

Unique dosing of the stuffing - even distribution throughout the length of the croissant, which allows you to enjoy the taste from start to finish.

Sealed packaging keeps the croissants fresh for 5 months.

Borodinsky bread

This bread includes all the benefits of rye flour, rye malt. Together, these components create a slightly sweet taste and a pleasant aroma.

YARO Oat Cookie “Classic”” 72 g. gluten-free, no refined sugar

Oatmeal, coconut oil, pumpkin seeds, coconut sugar, water, flax seeds, lemon, vanilla, baking soda