House with a chocolate figures

A small Easter or New Year's gift that has worked well in the European network. The product was created as an alternative to more expensive themed gifts.

Dark chocolate 85%

High quality dark chocolate, 85% cocoa

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Disneyka Alpi (assorted)

Soft chewy caramel with fruit flavors.

Set “4 chocolate spoons”

Our chocolate spoons are an exquisite and unobtrusive dessert that you will definitely enjoy.

They are excellent for tea, coffee and cocoa, and they also diversify the taste and serving of ice cream. The set can be an original addition to your gift for any event of the year. Our packaging is designed to maintain the integrity of each spoon.

Sweets “Funny Coconut”

Delicious coconut in combination with condensed milk, covered with dark confectionery glaze

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Classic marmalade with flavors of banana, raspberry, pear, blackberry;

Without sugar coating.

on pectin

100% natural product.

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Roasted hazelnuts and almonds in milk and dark chocolate

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Soft coconut praline in dark chocolate

Mini-bites “Peanuts in glaze”

Candies Mini-bites "Peanuts in the glaze" is a handmade product that has an unusual proportion of 2 components, which gives the product a distinctive taste. We use high quality peanuts and glaze free of trans fats.

Krokant “Taler” classic

Round shaped  krokant  made of sunflower kernels

Glaze figure “Ball”

A sweet decoration for your Christmas tree. This is one of our 200 thematic figures. Every year we develop new painting options and add new thematic forms to constantly surprise our regular customers.

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Tavriyskyi Meteorite Alpi

A classic nutty candy in frosting with roasted peanuts.

Cookie “Joker” with coating

Cookie with aromatic coating.

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Prunes with walnut Alpi

Confectionery glaze, prunes, walnuts.

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CHOCO EGGS colored candies

Four kinds of chocolate (black, white, milk, pink RUBI) with hazelnut praline and crushed roasted hazelnuts

Sweets  “Kudesnitsa”

Gentle crispy waffle made of milk-chocolate filling with the addition of grilling mass, glazed with confectionery glaze.

Biscuits «AMERICANO»

Butter cookies with cocoa

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Chocolatey coated wafer bar

Wafer bar with caramel flavoured filling, covered with dark compound chocolate

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Dried plums in milk chocolate

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WALNUT milk chocolate

Roasted walnuts in milk chocolate

Croissant with cocoa cream filling

Mini croissant with cocoa cream filling in family pack, 8 pcs. per pack