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CHOCO PIZZA assorted

What could be better than meeting up with friends and ordering pizza? Especially if the pizza isn't regular, but chocolate! What a surprise!

Real chocolate, no added cocoa butter substitutes, no unhealthy fats or artificial flavors.

Handmade by master chocolatiers.

Set of seven types - two types of chocolate and seven types of sprinkles.

Gift packaging - for any occasion.

As part of the assortment:

- Black chocolate with sesame;

- Milk chocolate with sesame and chocolate jelly;

- Chocolate with flax seeds;

- Dark chocolate with nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts)

- Chocolate with raisins

- Black chocolate with curcade tea

- Chocolate with candied fruits.

Box size: 147 * 147 * 12 mm.

Glazed jelly candies

Glazed candies with jelly-marmalade filling. Candies with orange aroma. The filling is made of citrus pectin. There are 16 candies in a box

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Brittle candy “Honey Peanut”

Made with plant components: nuts and honey;

Without yeast and leavening agents; GLUTEN FREE; SUGAR FREE.

For those who love sweets and care about their well-being.

Butter biscuits

Butter biscuits "Yin-Yang" - a wonderful treat that combines several flavors and original shape. Black and white fragments are laid out on a rich base in the form of a well-known oriental symbol. The fragrant dark side with the taste of Bailey’s liqueur and the delicate white part with the taste of coconut create a unique harmony of taste.

Weight: 0,65 kg; 1,2 kg; 3,5 kg; 0,2 kg; 0,4 kg

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Glazed waffle sandwich with a thick layer of cream filling and toasted peanut pieces.

No analogues on the market.

Package options:

- screen - 1,3 kg

- stabilopack - 180 g

- showbox - 185 g

- candy bar with two candies (Duo) - 32 g

Sweets Nougat with vanilla flavor

Candies glazed with confectionery milk and chocolate glaze. The case is nougat with vanilla aroma.

Milk chocolate “Millennium” with hazelnut praline 38 g

Milk chocolate with nut praline in convenient bar form.

Cracker with bacon and Habanero pepper flavor “Yarych”

Mini-crackers are a great alternative to chips and popcorn! Crispy, fragrant, tender, melting in the mouth with a vibrant snack of bacon and habanero pepper.

Chocolate Gourmet Sauce

Our stunning portfolio of classic and modern tastes of Gourmet Sauces is specially designed to play a supporting role in ensuring high-quality and consistent performance of desserts, beverages, ice cream and serving dishes. Sweet-Madam's sauces are produced with natural ingredients for giving to the product intensity of taste and aroma

Chocolate «Millennium» aerated white 80 g

White aerated chocolate creamy taste with subtle and delicate porous structure.

Sweets “Sweet Queen” with tiramisu aroma filling

Sweets made of milk chocolate with cream filling. It can also be made with fillings of the following flavors: chocolate and truffles

Semi-sweet bisquits with sunflower oil Classic Maria “Yarych”

The Classic Maria bisquits recipe was upgraded by replacing palm oil with high-oleic sunflower, which has several advantages, including:

- reduces the level of harmful cholesterol;

- enhances the body's immune defenses;

- has a rejuvenating effect because it contains a lot of vitamin E;

- prevents the development of atherosclerosis, thrombophlebitis, chronic diseases of organs such as liver, lungs, stomach;

- participates in the exchange of proteins and carbohydrates;

- Improves memory and much more.

Chocolate sweets “Ocean story” with nut praline 340 g

Marble chocolate candy with delicate walnut praline in the shape of sea figurines.

Marble chocolate is a combination of milk and white chocolate in a unique pattern. Each candy has its own unique pattern.

Dark chocolate “Millennium” with Tiramisu filling 38 g

Black chocolate and Tiramisu delicate filling in a convenient bar form

Chocolate milk «Millennium Mousse» with mousse and strawberry filling 33 g

Milk chocolate, creamy mousse and strawberry jam in a convenient bar form.

The multi-colored confectionery dragee is covered with sugar glaze. Dragees are packed in a unique cardboard package in the form of a tube. Ideal for preschool and school children.

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Bon Apricot sweets

Sweets with dried apricots and peanuts in chocolate glaze. Ingredients: peanuts, sugar, glucose syrup, confectionery glaze, apple filling with raspberry flavor, dried apricots, flour crumbs, acidity regulator citric acid, flavoring "Peach". MAY CONTAIN: EGG PRODUCTS.

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Brittle candy

Made with plant components: nuts and honey;

Without yeast and leavening agents; GLUTEN FREE; SUGAR FREE.

For those who love sweets and care about their well-being.

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Macho Alpi

Formed candy, Brandy flavored chocolate cream

Milk Wow Glazed Candy

The nougat is covered with milk glaze