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Instant oat porridge with apple and cinnamon

Instant oat porridge with apple and cinnamon


Ingredients: oat flakes, sugar, sliced ​​dried apples, whey powder, table salt, ground cinnamon, vanilla flavoring.

May contain traces of wheat, cashew nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, celery, mustard and sesame seeds, soybeans.

This product is available with flavors:

Buckwheat porridge

Porridge with cream and cranberries

Porridge with cream and nuts in caramel

Porridge with cream and berries

Porridge with cream and blueberry

Porridge with cream and strawberries

Porridge with cream, cocoa and berries

Porridge with cream, raspberries and blackberries

Porridge with cranberries

Porridge with strawberries

Porridge with blueberries

Apple-pear porridge with a taste of strudel

Additional info
Net weight: 40 g
Type of packaging: Colored film package enclosed in cardboard box (show-box type)
Quantity of pieces in multiple-unit package: 20 pcs
Weight of multiple-unit package: 0,8 kg
Shelf life: 12 months
Storage temperature max (°C): Not exceeding 25ºС
Storage conditions: Store at temperatures not exceeding 25ºС and relative humidity not exceeding 75%
Energy value per 100 g of product: 1297 kJ / 310 kcal
Nutrition Facts (Food value) per 100 g of product: Fat 4 g (of which saturated fats) 1,0g; Carbohydrates 60,0 g; (of which sugars) 25,6 g; Proteins 8 g; Salt 0,7g.

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